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  • Every business in the world has problems to solve.


  • You don't have to look for those.


  • Are there more efficiencies to be gained?


  • Is there a better way to do this process?


  • And when the needs of the customers are rising in complexity, you're being attacked from both sides.


  • Innovation is critical to health care.


  • We have a tremendous opportunity to make it better for our patients.


  • And solutions like Glass help us do that.

    Google 眼鏡就能夠幫助我們做到這點。

  • Throughout the process of developing Glass Enterprise Edition 2, we spent a lot of time listening.

    在製作 Google 眼鏡企業版本 2.0 的過程中,我們花了許多時間傾聽。

  • We worked with our partners and with our customers to figure out what they wanted.


  • Glass is a hands-free device for smarter and faster hands-on work.

    Google 眼鏡無需你動一根手指,就能幫助你更快更好地完成手上工作。

  • It provides the information that an employee needs in the periphery of their line of sight.

    它在員工 (穿戴者) 的眼角餘光提供需要的資訊。

  • So it doesn't come in the way of their actual work environment.


  • Glass has made AGCO a safer company because you have two hands to do your job, whether they're climbing on and off units or trying to do something in the field.

    Google 眼鏡讓愛科 (美國農用設備製造商) 的工作環境安全提升,因為現在無論是在機組爬上爬下或是在農地裡忙碌,可以兩手專注做事了。

  • What has become commonplace is physicians spending more time staring at the computer screen than spending time face-to-face with patients.


  • With Glass, what we started seeing is patients saying to us, my doctor is spending more time with me.

    有了 Google 眼鏡,病患開始告訴我們,醫生花更多時間專注在他們身上了。

  • Glass has allowed for a lot of unique ways to collaborate that haven't been possible before.

    Google 眼鏡提供了許多獨特的的合作途徑,那是從前從未有過的。

  • The biggest is immediately getting expert advice from somebody who might be around the world.


  • Being able to provide what they're seeing at their perspective helps do a very, very expedited triage to help bring our customer back online sooner.


  • We've been using Glass in production since about 2016.

    我們從 2016 年起開始將 Google 眼鏡應用至產品製作流程。

  • We had about a 30% reduction in processing time, and we had a 50% reduction in training time.

    我們在製作過程節省下 30% 的時間,訓練時間也少了 50%。

  • And that one was just monumental.


  • We weren't even looking for that when we did it.


  • A typical doctor spends about two hours per day writing notes about the visits that they conducted.


  • And because I have Glass typing that out for me in real time, I am not worrying about going back four hours later trying to remember all the details of the visits.

    但因為我有 Google 眼鏡幫我即時打字,我就不用擔心四小時之後還要試著想起看診細節。

  • It will help us be better doctors.


  • Whether it be manufacturing or field service or health care, they're all doing things with their hands.


  • And by looking across all these different industries, we're able to find the unique things that we can provide value for.


  • Glass is a tool that is as simple as it is powerful.

    Google 眼鏡是一個簡單且強大的工具。

  • That's incredibly helpful.


  • We underestimated the impact that would have.


  • It's a tool that doesn't replace people.


  • It allows people to be smarter, faster, better at what they're actually doing as a job.


Every business in the world has problems to solve.


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