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  • Video games are more popular than ever.


  • Games like Fortnight have gone completely mainstream, and now almost everybody considers themselves a gamer.


  • In the past, video games have been looked down.


  • They have been accused of causing habits of violence or addictive behaviors.


  • But what about the benefits of playing video games?


  • Here are some reasons you might want to game hard in 2019.

    這是一些讓你在 2019 年玩得更兇的理由。

  • One, video games are linked with emotional stability.


  • Here at Psych2Go, we're all about helping and educating others on everything related to psychology, and emotional stability is a huge part of that.

    在 Psych2Go 的頻道,我們幫助並教導大家關於心理學的相關知識,「情緒穩定性」便是其中重要的一環。

  • A 2012 study suggested that immersive games in particular, appear to be the most beneficial.

    一項 2012 年的研究顯示,虛擬實境遊戲對身心特別有助益。

  • Because they allowed gamers to try out different versions of themselves.


  • Games like Red Dead Redemption 2 are so immersive that people can go anywhere and do anything.

    例如《碧血狂殺 2 》這樣的遊戲,令人身歷其境,玩家可以到任何地方去做任何事情。

  • We're allowed to explore our own personalities and see what fits best with our ideal selves.


  • And according to research, this helps a lot with emotional stability.


  • Three, video games improved Visuomotor coordination.


  • You might have heard previously that video games improve hand-eye coordination, it's true.


  • In fact, a recent study found that video games improve all Visuomotor coordination which is when vision and movement work together to produce actions.


  • For example, in First-Person Shooters, gamers must aim quickly and accurately at small targets.


  • In driving games, we make small steering adjustments at high speeds.


  • When we boost our Visuomotor coordination, we get better at all kinds of tasks; including walking, driving, sports and even basic tasks, like getting dressed in the morning.


  • Four, playing certain video games boost social skills.


  • We all know that in 2019, some of the best video games are the ones we can play online with our friends.

    我們都知道在 2019 年,有一些電玩是可以在線上與朋友連線對打的。

  • But until recently, no one really considered the benefits of these games.


  • In 2014, a very interesting study was published on the subject, which proposed that immersive social video games help gamers develop pro-social skills.

    在 2014 年,關於此主題一個非常有趣的研究指出,令人身歷其境的電玩遊戲能夠幫助玩家發展社交技能。

  • In these games, you have to figure out who you can trust, who to make friends with and how to lead a group.


  • And yes, those skills can definitely be transferred from the game world in to the real world.


  • Five, video games are linked with better vision.


  • We've been told that staring at a screen all day is bad for our eyes, but what if video games actually improve our vision?


  • There have been quite a few studies on this.


  • Games can boost visual contrast sensitivity, which is basically the ability to distinguish between different shades of gray.


  • One study even found that video game treatments can cure a lazy eye, which is also known as amblyopia.


  • That being said, don't stare at a screen all day playing video games with the excuse of trying to improve your eyesight.


  • Six, video games might help with dementia.


  • Almost everyone's a little fearful of getting old, and one big reason is dementia.


  • Once again, it's video games to the rescue.


  • A 2016 study found that playing video games helped older patients restore their cognitive functions.

    一項 2016 年的研究發現,電玩遊戲能夠幫助年老的病患恢復認知功能。

  • This included benefits like improving walking abilities, better moods and better social interactions with friends and family.


  • Seven, video games can help teens blow off steam.


  • Being a teen isn't easy and most of us remember having a lot of pent up emotions during this time.


  • If anybody needs to blow off some steam, it's your average teenager.


  • And according to a 2007 study, video games are a great way to do that.

    根據一個 2007 年的研究,電玩遊戲很適合用來宣洩情緒。

  • The study found that teens were relieving a lot of stress by playing video games.


  • So instead of causing aggression, video games might actually be helping teens vent by getting aggressive in the game world instead of the real world.


  • To summarize this video, what's your favorite video game?


  • Comment below.


  • Share this video with a friend of yours who plays.


  • Also, we started a Patreon recently, if you'd like to support our mission to make psychology more accessible for everyone, consider checking out the link in the description below.

    另外,我們最近開始經營 Patreon 這個群眾募資平台,如果你想要幫助我們完成將心理學變得更加平易近人的任務的話,可以考慮參考一下下方資訊欄的連結喔!

  • Five people will randomly get a free physical Psych2Go magazine for simply donating two dollars or more a month.

    只要每個月捐款 2 塊美金或以上,我們將會隨機抽出 5 個人贈送 Psych2Go 的實體雜誌喔!

Video games are more popular than ever.


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