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Lily Carollo:I used to shower at night when
I was a boy. But when I went full time, I

switched to morning because of the hair. The
hair thing.

Isn't it pretty?
That right there is my mommy. This is my mommy.
She's been very supportive. And my father...

I would prefer not to talk about.
So that's me and my dog, Speedy. I miss Speedy.
He's.. he was such a good dog.

This is the best Star Trek series. DS9. This
is the vinyl version for The Smile Sessions.

It's one of the best albums.
You remember such a small percentage of the
dreams that you have, especially those from

your earlier childhood. But I remember this
one clearly. I was onboard the Enterprise

D, and there was this transporter accident,
and I had switched bodies with a female classmate

of mine in the second grade. And instead of
being freaked out about it, I was kind of

content with it. I was happy with it. That
was the first instance of... what was going

From coming out, to getting hormones, to wondering
if you'll get the surgeries that you need,

finding employment, what other people will
think, it's, it's all hard. And I'm not going

to be here forever because I have one last
thing I need to do for my transition, and

I need to be around family and friends to
take that last step.

My mom has been so supportive, she's just
been completely – I am her kid first. It

would be so much more difficult, without family
support. Maybe near impossible.

Surf's Up is about -- it's a song about a
man coming to realize that the only way to

achieve real happiness, the only way to be
really happy, is to have childhood innocence.

Is to have that childhood innocence. And once
you lose that, and because – you cant, you

know, get that type of innocence back. That's
where the whole tragedy of the song comes

Joe Posner, Vox: I think that you might be
connecting some of the lyrics to your experience.

Lily: Um -- I love kids. I love interacting
with kids but when I usually see little girls

I kind of look at them with envy. Because,
you know, I'll never be a little girl. I was

never a teenage girl.
[Singing along] ...Aboard a tidal wave ...
I can't be a little girl I can't be a teenager.
I feel like my high school years would have

been so much better. My college years would
have been so much better, had I been just,

you know, born a girl.
[Music: "A children's song..."]
If I was the wealthiest person on earth, and
if there – if I had to give it all away

to be born with a female body, I would give
it all away.

Am I going to look like your average girl?
Am I going to, is transitioning going to turn

out all right? Am I going to find a job? Am
I going to ... will I get all the surgeries

that I think I need to get?
Joe: How long has it been, that you've been,
like, working toward that?

Lily: About two years and nine months.
When I don't have to wake up and be worried
about something big, that is, that is when

I know I will be through it.


跨性別女生的一天 (Life as a transgender woman)

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