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How can this be?
How did Hopeful Energy get transmitted to the world of magic?
Is it?
We can't go on like this.
Only Hopeful Energy can restore Flowering Kingdom!
CANABY: No, we need Hopeless Energy... A great, big, massive amount of it!
ARI: Yippee!
The Problem Solving Club's flyer is finally finished!
With Ari's newfound magic powers,
I'm sure we can solve any problem that comes our way and help our friends.
Cool beans! OK, let's go hand these out!
- [smack] - Oh?
ARI: Tubby!
ARI: What are you doing here, Tubby?
Stop calling me Tubby!
Anyway, when are you going to start collecting Hopeful Energy?
Actually, we were just about to go and hand out our Problem Solving Club flyers.
Wanna help?
What? Hmm...
It's not my cup of tea. But I need Hopeful Energy.
Hehe! I can't wait to use my magic powers
I wonder who I'll transform into this time
Magic is not a game, Ari!
I know, calm down.
Now! Let's get out there and promote our club, you guys!
Problem Solvers! Go Go!
ALL: Go Go!
Hurry! Let's go!
How weird... The school's totally empty!
MIN: Guys, look!
Hey girls! Where is everyone going?
The show “Pop Music Now” is being broadcast live outdoors!
X, Best, C-thru, and even Lyla's performing!
The lineup is amazeballs! See you out there!
Oh... Who cares about some lame singers…
when you have the Prince of Flowering Kingdom in front of you?
It looks like it might be hard to promote our club today.
Yeah, you're right... What should we do?
Hey guys, where did Ari disappear to?
ARI: Wow! I can't wait to see Lyla!
- TUBBY: Ari! - MIN/SUHA: Ari! Wait for us!
TUBBY: Come back here!
[groan] Oh boy… What did I expect; they're just kids.
- Over here! - Check that cable!
OK, let's begin the rehearsals, people!
♪ Long ago someone asked ♪
♪ What my greatest dream would be ♪
♪ Back then I could not say Anything out loud ♪
- ♪ My dream… ♪ - Oh wow! Lyla is so wonderful!
She has such great style too!
♪ ...no longer keep hiding it inside ♪
- TRUMP: Hm! - Prince Trump...
Queen Canaby needs a massive amount of Hopeless Energy
and she commands us to deliver.
That's exactly why we're hanging out here.
What!? So then, are you saying our target this time is...?
[sinister growling]
Hm! No way... I'm sensing...
Uh! Oh?
Why are you here? In the human world...
My Queen, you don't have to do this.
No, I must.
For Prince Chess to succeed to the throne without opposition,
my own son Trump must be removed from Flowering Kingdom.
This is the only way we can gain the people's confidence,
and ensure Prince Chess' peaceful reign over the kingdom in the future.
If that's how you feel, then I'll allow it.
CHESS: My mother accepted the rules
and banished her own flesh and blood from the kingdom
and chose to raise me, her stepson.
Queen Canaby is such an admirable woman.
Yes, very admirable... Hm!
CHESS: Back then, I didn't know of my mother's evil plans.
I was clueless.
I would've never guessed to see you here... Hm!
I've a feeling we can collect a great amount of Hopeless Energy
- from that singer. - Huh!
Did he say 'Hopeless Energy'? Why you Trump…
- Don't you dare! - Huh?
MAO: What's with chubsters? Are you from the world of magic too?
Tell me who sent you here to the human world!
Well...that's um...none of your business!
I order you now to stop collecting Hopeless Energy!
Ha! Who do you think you're talking to, chubsters?
This is Prince Trump, the next in line to the royal throne
of Flowering Kingdom, you bozo!
The…the next in line? But what about Prince Chess?
Ha! It's obvious you haven't heard the news yet,
but Prince Chess no longer exists!
At least not in the world of magic.
Who are you anyway? Identify yourself!
Prince Trump, leave chubsters to me. I'll take care of him for you.
[sound effect]
Ugh! Wah!
Stop calling me 'chubsters'!
MAO: Take this!
Ahh! Help…Help me, please!
- LYLA: Thank you, everyone! - [crowd cheers]
I can't believe I saw Lyla perform in person!
SUHA: Ari, your jewel bag is flashing!
ARI: It's Tubby!
I just noticed that Tubby's not with us.
Where could he have gone?
ARI: Look, an arrow!
SUHA: It must be showing us where Tubby is!
Something must've happened to him! Let's go find him!
- [crowd cheers] - I love you, thank you!
Good job, Lyla. I wouldn't change a thing for the show.
Just stop. Do you need new prescriptions?
Did you even watch my performance?
But-but you were great out there. What's wrong?
If this is how my manager is, then it's no wonder I'm a mess!
Hm! [sighs]
Don't you know, it's bad manners not to greet your senior?
Ly..Lyla.. Don't do this. Let's just go.
MIN: Do you think Tubby is really here?
ARI: Yeah! The arrow is pointing in this direction.
Think we'll get in trouble?
There was a big sign that said 'No Entry. Staff Only'.
Oh?! Isn't that... Lyla, my favorite singer?
Really? Where, where?
Shh! Quiet, we might get caught.
For a rookie you're really rude. Bow and greet me properly!
I don't think so. It'll mess up my hair and I just got it done.
What! Now that you got some fame, think you're all that, you little brat?
By the looks of you, I can tell you won't last long in this industry.
If I were you, I'd worry about myself… before worrying about others.
How dare you!
- You're not even as popular as me! - What!
MANAGER: That's enough, please Lyla!
[awkward laugh]
[sigh] I thought we were goners back there...
I told you two we would get in trouble.
Anyway, you guys... Don't you feel like we're forgetting something?
You know what? I think we're forgetting something really important.
- Oh yeah! Tubby! - Ah!
- TUBBY: Ow! - Huh?
Ah! What is this?
It's all squishy and warm...
So it must be alive. Is it some kind of mutant hamster?
[weak groaning]
It must've gotten hurt.
There you go!
- [footsteps approach] - Oh?
How's Lyla these days? Her latest song isn't doing as well as I thought.
- [door closes] - Huh.
I think Lyla's aware of that, so she's been unusually irritable lately.
CEO: Up until just a few years ago Lyla was unrivaled, but times have changed.
Now there are new artists that are just as good as Lyla.
I invested a lot into her latest album.
But maybe she's on her last legs
I guess it's finally time for us to scout for some new talent.
CEO: Yeah... Let's talk about it more after the live show today.
But where's Lyla?
MANAGER: She's probably on standby
CEO: Oh yeah?
Well then, we should go and watch her.
- [Lyla weeps] - [door opens and closes]
How did my dream become so worthless?
I worked so hard to get to this place
and now I'm being thrown out like garbage?
TUBBY: Ah... No, don't…
LYLA: If I'm going to be discarded…
then there's no point for me to go on stage.
TUBBY: Uhh…Don't fall into despair... Lyla!
[crowd cheering]
Ari, how do we help Tubby?
Did any more clues show up in your jewel bag?
Yeah! But we can look for Tubby after Lyla's performance?
- She's totally obsessed with Lyla. - What do we do?
[crowd cheering]
Huh? Why isn't she coming out?
PD: Lyla has gone missing?
Miss Diva thinks she can just skip a live show?
Go and look for Lyla right now!!
Do you think something bad happened to Lyla?
- TUBBY: Hey guys...! Uh…. - Oh!
- [Tubby groaning] - Tubby!
Where have you been, Tubby?
Do you know how worried we all were about you?
There's no time to explain now. We have to find Lyla!
Do you know what happened to her?
- Lyla has lost her inner light of hope. - Are you serious?
If we don't help her, a massive amount of Hopeless Energy will be created.
Then, Lyla will never stand on the stage ever again!
ARI: Lyla!
I don't see her anywhere.
MIN: If she's somewhere around here, she should be easy to spot.
What should we do?
Is this the end for Lyla?
Will we never be able to see her perform on stage again?
- Hey! Check it out! - Min and I got magic rings too!
Great! The three of you must transform to help Lyla!


放鬆動畫 (Ep3 Runaway Pop Star | Idol | Animation for tweens | Tween friendly | Flowering Heart S1 (English))

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