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Do you remember your first crush?
Maybe you're finding yourself very attracted
to someone at the moment.

Attraction is something most of us experienced
throughout our lives and crushes can be incredibly

Maybe you're wondering if someone has a crush
on you or how to attract that special someone.

If so, watch on for 8 psychological facts
about crushes.

One; prolonged eye contact can increase attraction
to your crush.

Kellerman, Laird, al 1989 decided to look
at the effect eye contact can have on how

much we like someone.
They had strangers engage in mutual gaze,
looking at each other in the eye and then

had the participants rate each other.
They found that this prolonged eye contact
increased attraction and attachment to the

So, if you want to appear more attractive
to your crush, be sure to look them in the

Two; opposites do attract.
We've all heard the saying "opposites attract"
but is there any truth to it.

Kromer, Hummel, Croy et al, 2016, looked into
this saying.

They specifically looked at genetic blueprints
known as HLA complexes.

They found that women were naturally more
attracted to those with different HLA complexes

to themselves.
It would seem therefore that opposites do
indeed attract and who you crush on, could

come down to different genetic blueprints.
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Three; children with older parents fancy older
people when they become adults.

Do you know someone who always seemed to have
a crush on someone older than themselves?

Someone who always seems to have an age gap
in their relationships?

Some research has suggested this could be
due to parental age.

One study found an association between a child's
parents being older and them finding older

faces more attractive when they are adults.
So, if you find you're always crushing on
someone older, it could be because of your

Four; those with symmetrical faces tend to
be more attractive.

So, what is it that actually make someone

Why is it that some people have loads of admirers?
It seems to be that our brains are wired in
a way that finds certain things more attractive.

One constant across a wide range of people
seems to be that faces which are symmetrical

are rated as attractive.
Does your crush have a symmetrical face?
That could be why you find them attractive.
Five; sound and smell play a role in attraction.
It seems fairly obvious to say sight plays
a role in attraction, we tend to attribute

our initial attraction to someone to how they

However, it isn't the only sense that matters.
It has also been found that both sound and
smell also have a part to play in a crush

Specifically, it seems that a person's voice
and their scent are important to that initial

This makes sense, as along with how they look,
these two factors are things you perceive

very quickly when meeting someone.
So, although you may not realize, it could
be more than just your crushes looks that

you're attracted to.
Six; we're attracted to those of similar Heights
to us.

It has been found in various studies that
couples Heights are often positively correlated.

This means that taller individuals on average
end up with taller partners.

But why is this?
Is it environmentally learned or is it genetic?
Tenesa et al, 2016, decided to look into this

Using advanced statistical techniques, they
managed to find that choice mate height, meaning

that height of our partner was due, at least
in part, to genetic factors.

So, if your crush is a similar height to you,
this is probably due to genetics.

Seven; the color red makes woman more attractive
to men.

Red is often associated with attraction and
desire, but is there any other reasons for

One study looked at the effects color had
on heterosexual men's judgment on the attractiveness

of several women.
It found that red made men think women were
more attractive.

They suggested this is due to social conditioning,
because society associates red with passion,

so did these participants.
The study only looked at heterosexual attraction,
and so, it's unclear whether the same effect

would be found in the same-sex attraction.
Eight; falling in love causes psychological

Falling in love is a powerful thing which
has a profound effect on us.

It's been found it has a lot of psychological
changes on the body.

It releases chemicals which have the effect
of making us feel good.

Our cheeks blush pink, our palms sweat and
our heart race.

Have you ever noticed these changes when you
talk to your crush?

Did you learn something new about crushes
in this video?

Tell us below about your experiences of having
a crush.

We hope you enjoyed it.
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8種迷戀的心理因素 (8 Psychological Facts about Crushes)

276 分類 收藏
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