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All right, I want to read a letter I got from a viewer named Laurie Plans in
West Chester, Pennsylvania.
She says, dear Ellen, I am writing to let you know that
despite what other people say, I am your biggest fan.
You have made such an impact on my daily life, and you don't even know it.
I have been hospitalized several times this year, the most recent being for
26 days, which kept me away from my two sons for the holidays.
It was very difficult, but I always had you.
You have been my saving grace through many periods of illness.
You have never failed to bring a smile to my face, even at the bleakest times.
Nothing would bring me greater joy than to come see your show and
personally thank you for all you've done for me and my boys.
Love, Laurie Plans.
So Jeannie is outside of Lori's house right now.
I think it's about 40 degrees.
Hi Jeanie, how are you doing?
>> [APPLAUSE] >> I'm doing great, I'm really excited.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> So, like 40 degrees,
is that, right Jeanie?
>> Yeah, yeah, last time I checked it was 43 degrees.
>> 43, okay, well you still have fingers, look at that.
You did that!
All right, normally I would call Laurie and surprise her, but she's a big fan and
I think she knows what we're up to.
So, I'm worried she's gonna figure it out.
So just go knock on her door.
>> [LAUGH] >> Here we go.
[SOUND] Laurie, hello?
>> [LAUGH] >> Ringing the bell.
Hello, hello!
>> I like that she's announcing she's ringing the bell.
>> I have someone here to see you!
[NOISE] >> Hello there, where's your mama?
>> [NOISE] [APPLAUSE] >> Hi, hi Laurie.
>> Hi Laurie.
So I just read your letter, I'm glad you're home.
>> [LAUGH] >> Surprise!
>> My God.
My God.
>> My God.
>> My God.
I don't know what to say.
>> So Laurie.
>> I love you!
>> Here's the thing. I got a letter saying that you're my
biggest fan.
How often do you watch the show?
>> Every day! >> Every single day for the last 13 years.
>> Well, thank you.
So I heard you- >> I'm
not allowed to watch you when you actually are on.
I have to DVR you because Jordan, who's your
second biggest fan, asked to watch you with me.
My God.
>> It's like Ellen's in your house right now.
>> My God.
>> Listen, I know you've been through a lot with your health and everything, so
how are you feeling today?
How are you feeling right now?
>> Right now I feel amazing.
[LAUGH] Right now I feel the best I've felt in 38 years.
>> I heard that even when you were in the hospital,
you still somehow watched my show every day?
How did you do that?
>> So I planned all of my doctor visits and
they weren't allowed to take me to any x-rays, or tests, or blood work, or
anything between 3 and 4, because you're my therapy.
You are my best friend, and I know that sounds so
ridiculous, because we've never met.
But you have just been such a constant in my life, and such a bright spot,
and have got me out of so many dark times, and so many sick moments, and
you have been- >> Mama.
>> Such a bonding moment for my boys.
Jordan and I watched you together in the hospital, even when he couldn't be there.
I would bring you up on my tablet and he'd kick it on on DVR here and
we'd talk over the phone, and watch it together even when I couldn't be here.
And that just- >> And now she's in your house!
>> And now, my God! >> I love you guys so much.
That's amazing!
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Jason, it must be really tough.
I mean, we talk about how hard it is for her to be away from her boys, but
to watch your wife go through something like this, that must have been really,
really difficult.
>> You know what, Ellen?
You are the bright spot in all of our days.
It is hard watching her, but knowing that even I couldn't be there with her,
cuz a lot of times I have my little guy here, or my Jordan.
And we couldn't always get her, but I knew that she was always happy when,
excuse me, when she got to watch you.
Knowing that my son watches you with her and half the time I'm screaming for him,
and he's like, hold on- >> Hold on,
I can't, I have to watch Ellen.
>> I have to wait, I have to watch with mommy. >> [LAUGH]
>> Well first of all,
what an amazing family.
And Andrew and Jordan, you all are sweet as can be.
Here's what I want to do, so Jeanie is there.
I want to give you a gift but you're gonna to have to choose, okay.
I have two things.
Jeanie brought you something that you really, really need and
something that you really, really want.
So, you only get to choose one.
What do you want to pick, the one that you really need, or the one you really want?
>> The one I want, because if- >> [APPLAUSE]
>> The one I want.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> The one she wants?
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Because is this really?
If you know me well enough, Ellen, that's my best friend.
>> Let's see what we picked.
Let's see what, she wants the one that she wants, which is the envelope.
So give her that.
>> Okay.
>> Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Jeanie, wait.
>> Let's show her what she didn't pick.
>> All right, that's mean.
>> [LAUGH] >> But
I'm gonna show you what you did not pick.
First, I'm gonna show you what you did not pick, okay?
This is what you need.
>> This is horrible Ellen, this is terrible.
>> They're making me do it.
>> Here is what you did not pick, ready?
Here's what you did not pick.
Laurie? >> $10,000.
>> Aah, Laurie!
>> $10,000.
Okay, now your family has disowned you.
>> [LAUGH] >> Let's see what you picked.
You picked what you want.
What do you think it is, Laurie?
>> Please tell me it's tickets to come see your show.
>> She picked tickets
to come see my
show over- >> [APPLAUSE]
>> So Laurie, for sure I am going to, and
I think you did just prove you're my biggest fan.
That's amazing, and the fact that you picked tickets, or
you didn't even know what it was,
but you've seen the show enough that you know what's in that briefcase.
You know it's gonna be $10,000 from Shutterfly, so I want to see you here at
the show, and we are also going to give you that $10,000 from Shutterfly.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> My God.
>> My God.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> My God!
>> I love you so much.
>> Thank you so much!
>> My God!
>> I love you too.
I love you too, and I just saved your marriage!


艾倫秀 (An At-Home Surprise for Ellen's Biggest Fan)

68 分類 收藏
Sam 發佈於 2019 年 5 月 15 日
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