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- This video is all about
how you vlog with your GoPro

and specifically, the GoPro
Hero 7, because this camera

is so good and the
stabilization is so amazing.

(upbeat music)
Now, the GoPro is the
perfect camera for vlogging

just because the lens is so
wide, the camera's small,

and it's just easy to use.
But, there is the limiting
factor of the audio,

and there is a solution,
GoPro has a solution

where you can tie your
audio into the camera,

but you have to this funky box thing,
but I found that there's
actually an easy way

to set this up so it's clean,
and everything's tied up nice and neat.
So I'm gonna go through
all the gear that you need

to make this setup work.
It's basically the microphone on top,
which gives you good audio,
the camera itself gives you good video,
and then you have to have
the stick that holds it

so you can keep it stable and hold it out
and set it down and do
all that good stuff,

and then after we go through
the gear that you need

for the setup, I am gonna
talk about the settings

I use to get the most out of my camera.
I'm down here on El Matador
Beach, this place is amazing,

we've just shot all day testing out
some different gimbals, shooting a dancer
and doing some really cool stuff,
and I've been using
this little GoPro setup

to get some B roll, to talk
to camera once in a while,

and it's much easier to grab and go
rather than just my GH5
with the bigger microphone,

the bigger setup. Sometimes
you just want a small camera

to grab, get some cool shots,
I mean that's what vlogging's all about,
is making easy, making it fast
so you can get the shots that
you need to tell your story.

All right, so let's talk about the gear
to make this setup work.
First, you just need your GoPro,
that's obviously the most important thing.
I'm using the GoPro Hero 7
because of its stability.

This camera is amazing, and
it definitely is changing

the game for this action cameras.
They definitely did something
right with this GoPro.

So beyond the GoPro, you
need a few key essentials,

and guys, I'll put links to all these
in the description below so
you can checkout the products

that I have here, just so
you guys can get a sense

of what everything is.
One is your stick.
That's gonna be what you're holding out,
what you set down for a tripod,
right now, mine's on the stick.
So the mini tripod's only
about 15 dollars, it's cheap,

it works, it's great, you can
set the camera down anywhere.

The next thing that you need is the cage
that goes around the GoPro.
Now mine says GoPro Hero 5
on it, which is kind of weird

but it just is what it is,
it must be an older model,

they haven't made one for the 7,
but it's the same exact body frame
so it doesn't really matter.
But the cage is key, because
the cage gives you the ability

to attach everything else to the GoPro.
So your GoPro goes in
this cage and then on top,

you have a cold shoe
mount which allows you

to put on your microphone,
and on the bottom,

it has a mount that allows
you to put the mini tripod

or your typical GoPro mount on the bottom.
So your cage kind of ties
the whole thing together,

and the one specifically that I have here
has a lens cap on it so
you can protect your lens

when you're transporting around,
because when you're vlogging,
you just kind of throw

your cameras around, I
mean, it just happens.

Now, the next thing is
the audio attachment,

and it's super important when
you're using an external mic.

You have to get the
special little attachment

from GoPro, it's got this box on it,
but it allows you to plug in microphones.
The issue with this is
now you have this dongle

hanging off your GoPro so I've tied it up
using just some Velcro,
and it's nice and neat on
the side of my whole setup.

Now moving up higher,
you have your microphone.

The microphone is obviously
the key to get good audio.

You need good audio for your vlog.
If you're vlogging just
on the GoPro itself,

it ends up falling short.
Okay, so now we're just
switched to the audio

that is directly coming
from the GoPro itself.

This is an issue because the
microphone's just on the camera

so anything that you hear with the tripod
or just touching things,
you're gonna hear the sounds,

and it's just not that good of a sound.
I did this for a while, I vlogged
just with the GoPro Hero 5

when it first came out, and I didn't use
an external microphone, and
the audio's just so bad.

Every time you hit the camera
or hit somewhere around

the camera, it's jut awful,
it's just a really flat sound,

just not very good, so
an external mic is key,

and the one I'm using is the vidmicro.
This one is kind of
essential for this setup

because it's so short.
You can still get good audio,
but it's so short that it
doesn't hang into the frame,

so it's up here, and it
stays out of the way,

it's got a windscreen on it,
so you can cut out all the wind sounds.
It's super windy here on the beach,
and it's still getting decent audio,
but that's kind of essential.
Now the issue is the GoPro is so wide
so that when you put the microphone
just on the cold shoe mount
that comes with the cage,

it actually is in the frame of the GoPro,
so I got these little pieces
that go into a cold shoe mount,

and essentially, they extend
the microphone up higher,

it's just these little camera attachments
to kind of mount things to other things,
but it works well to get
the microphone up higher

away from the GoPro, and
that's kind of essential,

you need some way to
lift your cold shoe mount

up higher because otherwise,
your microphone's in the shot.

And this setup is really inexpensive.
Obviously your GoPro
is the cost of a GoPro,

it's 400 dollars, I got
mine for 300 'cause I did

the camera trade-in, I traded in my 4,
which I never use anymore,
so I got 100 dollars off.

The mini tripod is 15 dollars,
the cage for the GoPro is 20 dollars,
the attachment is 50,
and the microphone is 55,

and these little metal parts,
they're 5 to 10 dollars,

depending on what you get.
So as a whole, your GoPro is,
if you trade in your GoPro,

that's 300 dollars, if you
put everything else on there,

it's about 150, so you're
lookin' at 450 to 550

depending if you do a trade-in or not.
It's not that bad for
an awesome vlog setup

that works great.
I mean this camera is perfect for vlogging
because of how smooth it is.
If you haven't seen my
video on the smoothness

about the GoPro Hero 7, I'll put a link
in the description, but
essentially you don't need

a gimbal anymore, it's insane.
So this is the perfect setup for now doing
these kind of vlogs because you can get
some really awesome footage
and it's always super smooth.

Now when it comes to settings,
I'm shooting all mine on 4K.
When you're in 4K, it does the wide,
so it has a little bit of
the GoPro bubble to it,

however, if you want to shoot linear mode,
which will look more flat,
then you need to shoot

in 2.7K or 1080P, it's just up to you.
Obviously because this
camera has the hyper smooth,

I'm using the hyper smooth,
which allows you to get

that awesome smooth footage,
and then there's one setting

that you have to turn on to
make this whole thing work.

In the microphone settings,
it's in the audio input,

you go down into your
preferences, you can find this,

there's a bunch of
settings for audio input,

and you need to use your standard mic+,
which basically boosts
the volume by +20 DB,

and that's a huge thing.
Otherwise, your audio's
gonna be super low,

and it doesn't sound
good, so you boost it,

and that's how you get awesome
audio out of the GoPro.

(waves crashing)
I think that the GoPro
is an awesome choice

if you're looking for a
solid camera for your vlogs.

Now there are a few limitations
that you have to think about.
One is that it's a GoPro, it's wide lens,
you basically have just a wide lens,
you don't have a whole
lot of capabilities,

zoom, you can't add other lenses to it,
and that's just the nature
of shooting with a GoPro.

Another thing is that
you can't see yourself,

there's no screen that flips towards you,
however, I find that's not a big issue.
When you're using a
GoPro, you learn to put it

in the correct spot, and you
can always get a good shot

always when you're shooting.
So the way that I vlog with
a GoPro is basically this

is my vlog setup, and then
I have my second camera,

my GH5 which I use with
a longer lens and primes

and all that to get my
cinematic awesome footage.

So I kind of do a mix.
This is a perfect camera to talk to,
to get some B roll of
just what's going on,

but when you need to get
those shots that are tighter,

when you need to get more
of that cinematic footage,

then definitely having a second camera,
having something with some
longer lenses does help out,

but it's also not necessary.
You don't have to have
that kind of a camera

to make awesome vlogs,
because at the end of the day,

vlogs are mostly about
storytelling, it's about you,

it's about what you're doing,
it's about creating something

that's entertaining and fun to watch.
So guys, hopefully this was helpful,
in showing you how to use a
GoPro to make awesome vlogs.

If you wanna know more about how to vlog
in terms of telling the
story and crafting your video

and editing and all that,
I'll put a link down below

in the description, it's my
full video on how to vlog

which is more of the theory behind it
versus the actual gear.
So guys, I highly
suggest checking that out

if you're gonna start a vlog.
Also, I'll put another
video in the description

that's all about how you
can make money vlogging

'cause I know a lot of
you want to find a way

to make an income out of
doing the thing that you love

which is creating awesome content,
but guys, that's it.
If you're new here to this channel,
make sure you hit that subscribe button,
there's a lot of awesome
filmmaking tutorials,

camera reviews, all that good stuff.
I highly suggest you check out the videos
I put down in the description,
all about how to vlog,

and guys, if you have any questions,
make sure you throw them
down in the comments section,

I will be checking that very soon,
and guys, I'll see ya on the next one.


如何使用GOPRO HERO 7進行VLOG (How to VLOG with a GOPRO HERO 7)

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wingchi777 發佈於 2019 年 5 月 15 日
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