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  • Coca-Cola: crisp, refreshing and, just to be clear, not an NPR corporate sponsor.


  • We swear, they didn't pay us.


  • It's also a bizarre economics aberration.


  • From 1886 to the 1950s — through continued industrialization, several wars involving the U.S., and prohibition — a Coca-Cola cost 5 cents, and frankly, that is really weird.

    縱使經歷了工業化、國內多起戰亂及禁酒運動,可口可樂的價格從 1886 年到 1950 年代始終保持 5 分錢,說實在這蠻詭異的。

  • Ask any economics expert and they'll tell you, "Prices usually change over time."


  • So how did Coke keep their price the same for so long?


  • Well, it has to do with two lawyers from Chattanooga.


  • In 1899, those lawyers pay a visit to the president of Coca-Cola, a guy named Asa Candler.

    在 1899 年,這兩位律師前去拜訪可口可樂的總裁阿薩.坎德勒。

  • And they tell him, "We're interested in this new thing."


  • "Selling drinks in bottles."


  • They want to buy the bottling rights.


  • The way the story goes is Candler just said, "You're out of your mind, it's not going to work. Coke is a soda fountain business."


  • And they said, "Well, look, you know. Give us the rights anyway."


  • And, so, he said, "Yeah, OK, I'll sell you the syrup at, uhh, 90 cents a gallon."

    所以他說,「好吧,我可樂糖漿賣你,呃,一加侖 90 分錢。」(一加侖約 3.7 公升。)

  • In agreeing to do that, Candler did something that companies never do.


  • He agreed to sell his product, the syrup, to bottlers for a fixed price forever.


  • The contract had no end date.


  • Now, this was about to be a problem for the Coca-Cola company because now any increase in price down at the corner store, that doesn't help them.


  • The profit goes to the bottlers and the retailers.


  • In fact, if they raise the price, it hurts Coke.


  • If Coke goes up to a dime, fewer people are going to buy Coke, and Coke sells less syrup.


  • So, if you're Coca-Cola, you want somehow to keep the price down at 5 cents.

    所以,要是你是可口可樂老闆,你希望能將價格維持在 5 分錢。

  • What do you do?


  • Well, one thing you do is you blanket the entire country with ads for 5-cent Coke.

    一個辦法是,你用「可樂 5 分錢」的廣告席捲全國。

  • This was like, so clutch.


  • Coca-Cola is taking control of pricing away from the bottlers and the corner stores and anyone selling a bottle of Coke for more than 5 cents was just going to look like a jerk.

    可口可樂從瓶裝業者和零售商手中奪回標價權,任何把可樂買高於 5 分錢的人都會看起來像混蛋。

  • Coca-Cola was finally able to renegotiate their contract with the bottlers in 1921, and they might have changed the price then, but they couldn't.

    到了 1921 年,可口可樂終於能夠和瓶裝業者重新協約,看來是可以調整價格的時候了,但並非如此。

  • They were trapped.


  • Coca-Cola said early on, "A Coke costs a nickel."

    可口可樂之前自己就說了,「一瓶可樂 5 分錢。」

  • It put it on billboards and ads and painted it on buildings, and people got used to it.


  • It felt like a promise.


  • In a way, all prices kind of feel like a promise.


  • Once we see a price on something we have this feeling that it's some innate property of the thing.


  • That it shouldn't change.


  • And so the ads that Coke had run so prominently ended up trapping them.


  • The thing that finally undid the nickel Coke was inflation.

    最終是通貨膨脹將可樂從 5 分錢魔咒解救出來。

  • The price of ingredients started to go up.


  • But to this day, people feel very strongly about a fixed price for Coke.


  • Back in 1999, the CEO suggested charging more for vending machine Coke on hot days and was met with widespread outrage.

    在 1999 年,可口可樂執行長曾提議販賣機的可樂在大熱天應該賣比較貴,結果引來眾怒。

  • Whether it's a nickel or a dollar, people have a way of getting used to their prices.

    無論是 5 分錢還是 1 塊錢,人們終有辦法習慣可口可樂的價格。

Coca-Cola: crisp, refreshing and, just to be clear, not an NPR corporate sponsor.



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可口可樂的價格為何70年不變? (Why The Price Of Coca-Cola Didn't Change For 70 Years | Planet Money | NPR)

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