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  • 10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

    10好處喝溫檸檬水每 早上

  • Did you know that lemon juice could be helpful to your health in many different ways?

    你知道嗎,檸檬汁可能是有益的 在許多不同的方式你的健康?

  • Lemons are full of vitamins and nutrients, like vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium,

    檸檬是充分的維生素和營養物質, 如維生素C,複合維生素B,鈣,

  • potassium, iron, magnesium, and fiber.


  • If you're ready to take a drink of lemon juice, make sure to mix it with water first.

    如果你準備把檸檬飲料 果汁,請務必將其與水混合第一。

  • Lemon juice can be tough on your teeth if you drink it straight.

    檸檬汁可以是艱難的你的牙齒,如果 你喝直。

  • Drink it right away in the morning, and then wait 15 to 30 minutes before eating breakfast.

    喝它的時候了早上,然後 吃早餐之前等待15〜30分鐘。

  • This will make sure you get the full help of lemon water.

    這將確保你得到充分的幫助 檸檬的水。

  • Why should you drink lemon water?


  • Here are a few reasons.


  • 1.


  • Gives your immune system a boost Lemon juice has a lot of vitamin C which helps

    使你的免疫系統升壓 檸檬汁有大量的維生素C,有助於

  • your immune system.


  • Also, when you're stressed your vitamin C level will drop, so taking vitamin C is

    此外,當你感到有壓力的維生素 C水平會下降,所以服用維生素C

  • a good idea for stressful days.


  • 2.


  • Excellent source of potassium Because lemons are full of potassium, they

    鉀的極佳來源 因為檸檬是全鉀,他們

  • are great to keep your heart, brain and nerves running smoothly.

    是偉大的,讓您的心臟,大腦和神經 平穩運行。

  • 3.


  • Aids digestion Lemon juice is good for digestion because

    幫助消化 檸檬汁有益於消化,因為

  • it helps loosen and remove toxins in your stomach.

    它有助於放鬆和排除體內毒素的 胃。

  • It also helps lessen indigestion signs like heartburn, burping, and bloating.

    它還有助於減輕消化不良跡象樣 燒心,打嗝,腹脹。

  • 4.


  • Cleanses your system By removing the bad chemicals in your body,

    淨化系統 通過在你的身體去除不良化學物質,

  • lemon juice helps the liver work properly.


  • 5.


  • Freshens your breath Lemon juice also helps ease toothaches and

    生氣勃勃的你的呼吸 檸檬汁也有助於緩解牙痛和

  • gingivitis.


  • However, because lemon juice is hard on tooth enamel, don't brush your teeth after drinking

    但是,因為檸檬汁是很難對牙齒 搪瓷,不飲酒後刷牙

  • lemon water, or brush them right before instead.


  • 6.


  • Keeps your skin blemish-free The antioxidants in lemon juice will help

    保持你的皮膚瑕疵,免費 在檸檬汁中的抗氧化劑有利於

  • lessen blemishes and wrinkles.


  • It can also be put on scars and age spots to lighten them.

    它也可以在疤痕和老年斑放 以減輕他們。

  • Since it forces bad chemicals out of your blood, it will also keep your skin glowing.

    因為它迫使壞化學品出你的 血液,它也將讓你的皮膚容光煥發。

  • 7.


  • Helps you lose weight Because lemon juice has pectin fiber, it can

    可以幫助你減肥 因為檸檬汁有果膠纖維,它可以

  • stop you from feeling hungry, and in this way help you lose weight.

    從感覺餓阻止你,在這 辦法幫助你減肥。

  • 8.


  • Reduces inflammation If you drink it all the time, lemon water

    減少炎症 如果你喝這一切的時候,檸檬水

  • will lessen the amount of acid in your body, and stop you from getting sick.

    將減輕在你的身體酸的量, 從生病阻止你。

  • It also stops swelling by getting rid of the uric acid in your joints.

    它還停止由擺脫浮腫 尿酸在關節。

  • 9.


  • Gives you an energy boost Lemon juice gives your body energy when it

    給你一個能量提升 檸檬汁給你的身體能量,當它

  • reaches your digestive tract.


  • It can also help lessen anxiety and depression.


  • In fact, even smelling lemons will calm your nervous system.

    事實上,即使是聞檸檬會平靜你的 神經系統。

  • 10.


  • Helps fight viral infections Drinking lemon water is one of the best ways

    有助於對抗病毒感染 飲用檸檬水是最好的方式之一

  • to lessen viral infections, and soothe the sore throat they bring with them.

    以減少病毒感染,並舒緩 喉嚨痛他們帶來。

  • Also, because it helps keep your immune system up, it can fight the infection at the same

    此外,因為它有助於保持你的免疫系統 起來,它可以在相同的對抗感染

  • time.


  • Lemon juice has so many great uses, and it's also the easiest, biggest change you can make

    檸檬汁有這麼多偉大的用途,它的 也是最簡單,最大的變化可以使

  • for your health.


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10 Benefits to Drinking Warm Lemon Water Every Morning

10好處喝溫檸檬水每 早上


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