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  • Supreme, baby!

    是 Suprerme 耶!

  • I just bought a faux-fur jacket for $1,000, so.


  • People want to know, "Hey, look, that guy's wearing Supreme."

    人們只關心:「嘿,你看那個人穿 Supreme!」

  • But people also make a living off it too, so.


  • These two jackets are nearly identical, both made by The North Face, and both using Gore-Tex technology.

    這兩件夾克看起來幾乎一模一樣,都是 North Face 出品,也都運用了 Gore-Tex 技術。

  • This one on the left costs $300.

    左邊這件 300 塊美金。

  • The one on the right is currently selling for nearly $1,300.

    右邊這件目前卻要價 1,300 美金。

  • So what's the difference?


  • This one just happens to be a North Face collaboration with Supreme.

    因為這件剛好是 North Face 與 Supreme 的聯名款。

  • So why would someone pay nearly a thousand dollars more for basically the same jacket?


  • And what is it that makes Supreme so expensive?

    還有到底是什麼讓 Supreme 如此昂貴?

  • From the eye-catching logo to the limited product releases and artist collaborations.


  • Over the past 20 years, Supreme has transitioned from a small skateboarding store in New York to a $1 billion streetwear company.

    在過去的 20 年裡,Supreme 已經從紐約的一家小型滑板店轉變為一家價值 10 億美元的街頭服飾公司。

  • But for its fans, Supreme is more than just a brand.

    但對於它的粉絲來說,Supreme 不僅僅只是一個品牌。

  • It's often an obsession and an entire subculture of its own.


  • Since its origin, Supreme has maintained an image of being authentic.

    從草創期開始,Supreme 就維持一貫可靠的形象。

  • Founded by James Jebbia in 1994, Supreme started as a skateboarding store in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan.

    Supreme 於 1994 年由 James Jebbia 創立,最初是在曼哈頓蘇活區的一家滑板店。

  • The store started out selling hoodies and sweatshirts aimed towards the burgeoning New York skate scene.

    因應新興的紐約滑板運動,這家店開始賣起連帽衫和運動棉 T。

  • Throughout the '90s and early 2000s, Supreme functioned as a skate brand catering to both skaters and those interested in the emerging streetwear style.

    整個 90 年代和 21 世紀初期,Supreme 作為一個滑板品牌,同時滿足了滑版人和喜愛街頭穿搭的人的需求。

  • But Supreme's limited releases and attitude has pushed them far beyond their beginnings.

    但 Supreme 的限量供應手法與態度已經讓它們的成長大幅超越草創時期。

  • The most iconic Supreme design is their box logo, originally, simple white, italic lettering over a plain red background.

    Supreme 最具代表性的設計是它們的方框標誌,其最初的設計是簡單的白色、斜體字刻在純紅的背景上。

  • This design so closely echoes the work of conceptual artist Barbara Kruger that it is hard not to see it as a direct copy, and copyright theft is something that's in Supreme's DNA.

    這種設計與概念藝術家 Barbara Kruger 的作品非常相似,很難不將其視為直接複製品,版權盜竊便已存在於 Supreme 這個品牌的基因中。

  • Supreme's appropriation of images is one of the keys to its popularity.

    Supreme 對於圖像的挪用是其受歡迎的關鍵之一。

  • Pop-cultural imagery and logos are copied and adapted in a way that makes the designs feel more like contemporary art or graffiti than a big fashion brand.


  • Supreme's first branded T-shirt was simply a photo of Robert De Niro in the film "Taxi Driver" along with the iconic red and white logo.

    Supreme 的第一件品牌 T 恤只是電影《計程車司機》中,勞勃.狄尼洛的照片以及具有代表性的紅白標誌。

  • And the company's use of often unlicensed imagery has led to Supreme being served cease-and-desist letters from Louis Vuitton, the NHL, and the NCAA.

    Supreme 經常使用未經許可的圖案,因而收到來自 LV、NHL 和 NCAA 的停終條令。

  • The more we've been exposed to a brand, the more likely we are gonna be developing an association, a familiarity, almost a sense of connection with it.


  • With Supreme, there's no element of status, and they went completely for what a logo should be all about: standing out, being identifiable.

    對於 Supreme 來說,一開始並沒有任何品牌地位,而後他們完全證明了一個成功的商標應該擁有什麼元素:顯眼出眾、便於識別。

  • The recognizability is key to Supreme's power as a brand.

    「可識別性」是 Supreme 這個品牌力量的關鍵。

  • But the items are also purposefully difficult to get ahold of, and their products are kept in high demand by very limited releases.


  • Tuesday at 11 a.m., you go to the Supreme website, you enter your basic information: your name, email, phone number, and credit card number.

    星期二早上十一點,你進入 Supreme 的網站,輸入你的基本資料:你的名字、電子信箱、電話號碼和信用卡號。

  • Then, they'll send you a text later in the day to let you know if you've been selected to stand in line.


  • Then on Wednesday, they'll send you a text telling you the time and store to report to.


  • And on Thursday, you go to the store at the time that you're given.


  • There's a one... there's a one-limit-per-style rule in Supreme, so what that means is, if a shirt comes out in black, red, and gray, you can only get it in gray.

    Supreme 有「一人限購一色」的規定,所以說如果那件衣服有黑色、紅色和灰色,你只能購買灰色一種顏色。

  • So if I want it in black and red, I need to get two other people to get it for me, so they need to stand in line for me.


  • A lot of the people who do stand in line are standing in line for someone else.


  • Supreme only sells their merchandise at 11 brick-and-mortar stores across the world as well as their online store.

    Supreme 只在世界各地的 11 家實體店以及官方網路商店出售他們的商品。

  • It was around the mid to late 2000s that Supreme really started to pick up speed.

    大約在 2000 年中後期,Supreme 開始迅速成長。

  • This success was partly due to what's been dubbed the "Kanye effect."


  • In 2006, Supreme released their Supreme Blazer SB, a collaboration with Nike.

    在 2006 年 Supreme 與 Nike 聯名發售了一款名為 Supreme Blazer SB 的鞋子。

  • The shoes retailed for around $150, with resale prices ranging from $300 to $400.

    這雙鞋子的零售價約為 150 美元,轉售價格從 300 美元到 400 美元不等。

  • In July 2007, West was pictured wearing the shoes at the Grammy Foundation's Starry Night party.

    2007 年 7 月,West 在「葛萊美星光熠熠派對」上被拍到穿著這雙鞋子。

  • After the photos were released, the resale price of the shoes doubled to $800.

    照片發布之後,鞋子的轉售價格翻了一倍,來到 800 美元。

  • Similarly, the teal box-logo sweatshirt worn by Tyler, the Creator in his "She" music video, originally priced at around $150, sold for $3,500.

    同樣地,在造物主泰勒 《She》這首歌的 MV 裡面,他穿著的青綠色方框標誌棉 T 原價約為 150 美元,但現今售價變成 3,500 美元。

  • But not everything from Supreme is gonna end up being valuable.

    但並不是所有 Supreme 出品的東西最終都會變得很值錢。

  • Sellers like Chris have to decide what's going to be popular and what items will give them the best return.

    像 Chris 這樣的賣家必須決定什麼商品未來將會受歡迎,哪些單品會讓他們獲得最多利潤。

  • So how I decide on what I think is gonna resell is based mainly on what I would wear.


  • You can also go to these Instagram accounts, and they'll have Instagram polls, Twitter polls, talking about, oh, like you can upvote this.

    你也可以去看一些 Instagram 的帳號、Instagram 的民調、Twitter 的民調、論壇。喔,就像你可以按這個讚。

  • You can downvote this, and it's this crowdsourcing tool to understand the market better and find out,


  • Oh, this one's gonna resell, or this one is really popular.


  • The most money that I've made off of one Supreme item is the 2017 fall/winter collaboration with The North Face, and it was a mountain parka.

    我在 Supreme 轉售中賺取最多錢的是 2017 年與 The North Face 的秋冬聯名,它是一件連帽型登山外套。

  • I bought it for $398, and I sold it for $950.

    我買 398 美元,並以 950 美元的價格售出。

  • This incredibly limited release means that buying and reselling Supreme items is where the real money is.

    這種極為限量的販售方式說明轉售 Supreme 的商品正是賺錢的最佳方式。

  • When you look at the prices of Supreme items in-store, they aren't as outlandish as you may expect.

    當你看到 Supreme 店內商品的價格時,它們並不如你想像的難以接受。

  • They retail for around $38 for a T-shirt to $138 for a sweatshirt.

    他們 T 恤的零售價格大約是 38 塊美金,棉 T 的價格約落在 138 塊美金。

  • But it's once these products have sold out that they can reach 30 times their original price.

    但一旦這些產品售罄,它的價格可以漲到其原價的 30 倍之多。

  • Many other big brands are now adopting this method of very limited releases to generate hype around their products from trainers to other streetwear brands.

    許多其他的大品牌現在也採用這種限量販售方式來炒作他們的產品,從運動品牌到其他棉 T 的品牌皆群起效尤。

  • These releases make people feel like they're part of something exclusive.


  • The more we make a consumer work for their particular access to a product, the more alluring these services and products are becoming.


  • So I think Supreme know very well how to make something incredibly accessible and sexy.

    所以我覺得 Supreme 很懂得如何讓一樣東西變得非常易懂且性感。

  • By allowing us to jump through as many hoops as possible to make it relevant for them.


  • But there's something about Supreme that's different.

    但有些關於 Supreme 的東西是與眾不同的。

  • Could any other company get away with selling a brick or a branded crowbar?


  • What is it that gives Supreme such a devoted following?

    到底是什麼因素讓 Supreme 有這麼多忠誠的支持者呢?

  • I think it's the hype.


  • They come out with really cool items.


  • I personally feel like they do.


  • It's a name brand, and name brands attract anybody at the end of the day.


  • In New York especially, it's a lot of streetwear.


  • So, like, people wanna have that, like, exclusive, those exclusive items.


  • So I feel like Supreme, they keep their quantities very low because of the high demand.

    所以我覺得 Supreme 以控制數量達到高需求的效果。

  • People will pay that price if it's something they like.


  • Supreme, I think the thing that really causes people to spend money and wait in line is kind of the "it factor" that it has, right?

    我想 Supreme 真正讓人們花錢並排隊等候原因就是「模仿效應」,對吧?

  • They've done an amazing job of limiting quantities and underproducing to the demand.


  • So in that way, their market of people that their... of people that would wanna buy the product isn't just people that are interested in the product.


  • But it's also people that are interested in making money, and that demographic is way bigger than people that are just interested in streetwear.


  • So when there's an opportunity to make money, then there's gonna be a huge line of people around the block regardless if they want to wear the product or not.


  • Supreme has managed to somehow keep their cool, alternative and exclusive image despite their expansion.

    儘管擴店神速,Supreme 還是能夠維持他們一貫的酷炫、另類和獨特的形象。

  • And has still maintained its skater credentials despite selling a 50% stake in the brand to a private equity firm.

    儘管將該品牌 50% 的股份出售給一家私募股權公司,Supreme 在滑板界還是備受認可。

  • With more and more people wanting their products, for now, it looks like Supreme isn't going anywhere.

    越來越多人想購買他們的產品,看來 Supreme 的熱潮暫時還不會減退。

Supreme, baby!

是 Suprerme 耶!

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