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  •   The fetus can hear the sounds of

  •   mother's heartbeats, breathing, voice

  •   as well as environmental sounds.

  •   After the babies were born,

  •   they can still recognize the sounds they heard while still in the womb.

  •   According to the research,

  •   babies tend to stop crying

  •   when they hear the music they had heard

  •   in their mother's wombs.

  •   "Music"is one of the best approaches to help mothers, unborn children

  •   and infants to relax and be healthy.

  •   Soft and moderate-paced music calms down the mother-to-be, and

  •   when the mother's psychological state is peaceful and harmonious,

  •   her neural and hormone systems will stay undisturbed,

  •   thus securing the proper development of the fetus.

  •   Baby's Music Nanny app is designed and made professionally for your 0~2 years old baby.

  •   The baby's music box is an exquisite music selection

  •   professionally designed for pregnant women and babies.

  •   Music genres include classical, new age, nature, contemporary instrumental,

  •   and children folk song to satisfy babies' sensitive ears.

  •   It is specifically designed for mommies and babies to listen

  •   during six different situations of babies' life in a day.

  •     The most effective music when it comes to relaxation, sleeping, potential development and mental care

  •   for the body and the mother needs.

  •   Baby MelodyMorning

  •   Uses natural sounds and music to slowly awake your baby up,

  •   which is beneficial for babies to

  •   wake up in a delightful mood,

  •   and start their energetic day.

  •   Baby MelodyEnjoy

  •   By means of playing tranquil music,

  •   babies will be able to concentrate and stay focus,

  •   striations setting includes dinning, playing games

  •   and story time.

  •   Using when feeding babies

  •   can even give them a better appetite.

  •   Baby Melody¢w Soothing

  •   Soothes and calms babies' anxiety

  •   and insecurity that cheers babies up.

  •   Baby Melody¢w Shakin'

  •   It is with upbeat music,

  •   it helps with your baby move and exercise.

  •   Stimulating babies' pitch can also well develop

  •   its fitness and physical coordination.

  •   Baby Melody¢w Relax

  •   It's adequate to play when you are taking shower

  •   or massaging for babies

  •   for appeasing both parents and infant from anxiety.

  •   Relax app is good for maintaining relationships,

  •   relaxing and enjoying as well.

  •   Baby Melody¢w Dreams

  •   Its lullabies are capable of

  •   relieving babies' brain and spirit

  •   and creating a secure atmosphere for them,

  •   which calms soothe, and helps to put babies to sleep.

  •   In addition, Baby's Music Nanny app

  •   has developed an interactive game

  •   "Bubble Music Player"

  •   By just tapping bubbles on the screen,

  •   you can perform the whole song.

  •   Besides, it can enhance babies to have

  •   a good sense of music and the reaction ability.

  The fetus can hear the sounds of


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