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oh wow oh cool oh but I want to take a
look at the big city yeah it does seem

pretty exciting
I feel so Metropolitan Cosmopolitan I

gotta tell Rico what a blast this place
is but we just got here we haven't even

done anything yet
Go Go are you okay what in Go Go
baymax go go suit has shielded her from

a major injury but the bloke she
sustained to her head has caused a mild

concussion we should take caution and
not move her until we can fully

stabilized her head got it oh cool
that's a robot hello I am baymax your

personal healthcare companion
oh wow cool this rules Oh

Sora remember our other problem where's
whoops oh yeah hey who are you

oh I'm Sora well I'm goofy
name's hero you mind helping us fight
those things our team is called big hero

6 sure
let's go baymax
not cool
people like spectacle not truth yeah who

needs quality reporting when you can
just make stuff up I don't get it

I mean didn't they see how awesome we
were sure those things landed a couple

of good hits but we had chem balls and
lays their hands and fire-breathing well

it really didn't matter they beat us
where'd they come from well why don't we

ask the guys who actually stopped them
you know you never introduced us oh

right well uh this is the gang let's go
go hmm he's wasabi how you doing that's

honey lemon hello there
look I'm Fred hmm don't be alarmed this
is not my real body good for a second I

thought this is the monster room those
three are Sora Donald and Goofy the

Keyblade hero3 I am detecting minut
contractions in your faces and shoulders

perhaps due to the garages brisk
temperature to remedy that I will give

each of you a hug and warn you with my
internal heat source Sora

you know darlin I don't have key blades
so are we heroes or aren't we

what the monsters tell us how you
managed to take them down hmm

they're called the heartless and they're
drawn to the darkness inside people's

hearts whoo now we're talking light
versus darkness classic conflict would

you calm down Fred this is serious very
serious we don't have any way to fight

them wait so we're just gonna give up
with our current skill set my analysis

places our chances at zero point zero
zero zero zero we get it baymax hey

don't sweat it the three of us will go
take care of the heartless for you right

Donald goofy wait we're going to we have
to help my brother would have yeah hmm

great but don't we need a plan we
trained up when heroes are brought low

they get new powers
it's Shugyo time did you read that in

geeks quarterly Fred's actually not

I may have an idea
a art device yeah cool huh
it creates a CG overlay that augments

your vision while you wear it that this
device sees everything you do and locks

it oh you put it on your face there's no
heartless here huh Oh chill Sora

just take the AR device off oh wow
I have no idea how you're doing it but

this is cool
thanks but so far the map data only

covers San fransokyo I need to expand it
now can we shoot yo not yet Fred he's

still learning Sora
all you need to do is run through some

courses that Hiro scripted like a
minigame we'll put a tracer on your

movements so we can - yo yo yo so we can
shoot you I guess you use like training

that's a good idea we could probably use
the practice stop for once where I can

shoot yo by installing new combat data
huh hey oh let's just try it out

okay go
interesting gravity not binding
hey wait my laser hands can be
projectiles change the weapon change the

whoa breathe attack Fire and Ice
diametrically opposed or so weak not

baby not that should be enough data
I think you parked a new idea
that should do it we interrupt your
scheduled program to deliver this

breaking news moments ago the city's
South District was attacked by numerous

unidentified creatures witnesses
described losing sight of victims during

the mayhem many also said they saw
strange floating heart symbols in the

vicinity of the missing victims city
police are urging citizens to stay at

home for those just joining us only
minutes ago the South District was

attacked by go time yes
I'm picking up some kind of threat okay
I'll check it out

just try and catch me
I've got an idea
hey I can't aim if I can't see
better much better
I get it
nice baymax know what now we fist bump
fist bump to display excitement hero

taught it to me so like this another one
we're here Oh can't we pick on one our

own size it looks the right size to me
watch me scorch them with like breeze

neo the only tornado made of ice and
fire room 101 and the wrong captain of

the guard prepare to face Keyblade hero
3 clear my way and the crime-fighting

team of big hero 6 together we're

with that awesome or with that totally

your magic is amazing
do you think I could study it sometime

real words you just made Donald's BAE
my brother wanted to help people now we
try to do the same your brother yeah

Tadashi there was a fire and now he's
gone but he always wanted to make a

difference he cared about people that's
why he worked so hard to create baymax

I'm sorry he's still here
the hidden baymax in all of us Tadashi

he lives on in your hearts huh yeah
right he will always be a part of us in

some way and when you're not strong
enough he'll make up the difference

Sora you okay uh yeah fine
I'm with you
what ramp bring her back
oh we got this time for a lesson gee

yeah wait guys that one's not like the

it kept II microbots
microbots huh you know what they are

well they're different from heartless
microbots are designed to do whatever
you think via neurotransmitter that

communicates what your
they're kind of a mini bada invented
some bad stuff happened and I thought

that meant they were totally gone
but those enemies are way too similar

which means someone's controlling them
the question is who could it be

I'm gonna go back to the garage and look
into it some morgue you mind going after

him sure we need you on the sciency

hmm baymax
stick with them on right here Oh Sora

Donald goofy I will be your personal
healthcare companion

oh uh thanks baymax we're in good hands
come on let's move

target acquired
it's no fair why can't we hurt it what
what are we do oh yeah but the target is

skate have you got any leads touch
somewhere inside that things there's a

core it's what powers the whole cluster
the core is the only way to hurt okay

guys I am really tired of just dodging
this thing ready

hyrum you analyzed the dark you yeah
they're dark they're cubes I call them

like I see him every bad bad he needs a
cool name we'll gather as much data from

the dark cubes as we can hero figure out
a way for us to beat this thing

here oh we are at delicate need you at
the garage

we trust you so you trust us here Oh
what should we do you protect the others

I'll mark their position for you on your
AR display wait got it time you go

all right

next time I won't go so
I'll see if anyone else me tell me
your appreciation my man
mine isn't they need me listen Sora and

the dark cubes have converged on a
single location whatever is happening

can't be good
I'm almost done pinpointing the core if

you need me to help now it's okay hero
we're on it

okay there's a lot of them what do you
suppose they'll do I don't think we want

to find out all right say we destroyed
it things but without a strategy we'd

just be wasting our strength if we knew
where to strike huh that's weird is it

busted here Oh who's that on the display
that's not the display he's really here

huh the black coat he's back
are you done messing around what wait

that voice Fogell you notice guy and now
enter this super villain he definitely

has the vibe
Rico but
as if this stupid experiment wasn't

already a hassle Hiro do you recognize
it yeah not quite ready

that's the burden I mean for me back in
full combat program programs helping

that kind of react does that mean it's
like his heart more than

Rick okay
oh no I'm on my way and I'll look after
my team to find the darn you remember to

use the AR device the target the card I
got it

baymax oh this isn't for you at least
not until we're done Riku is it you why

do you look like that
looks are deceiving but the heart you

know that it's me
I know Riku wouldn't do this not without

a good reason a reason when did that
ever matter we've been trying to one-up

each other since we were kids
what but coke means he's with

Organization 13 and that means he's not
really Riku smarter than you look

we defeated Ansem insane ort every last
one of them but still they all came back

anyway right so maybe this Riku came
back too from the time when and some

possessed him what how unlike a certain
wizard you know I had to play by the

rules to travel through time which meant
leaving my body behind huh

I know about this but you have a body
Xion orts heart left his body in order

to voyage back through time he needed to
tell his younger self of the great plans

he had in store there in the past his
heart stayed and waited out the years

until you and I came along
Zion orts heart possessed me and became

Ansem the first adversary you faced the
rest of him the peace he left behind

took the names Ennis and created the
first organization it was all a part of

a larger plan to bring Zayin Ord into
contact with the right hearts enough of

them to form the real organization
thirteen they could come from anywhere

any when just as long as he had the
right vessels at hand to place their

hearts in vessels
that's right
the replica program was a success we are

as real as people then pack up and leave
what are you still doing here

to see if we can recreate a heart from
data what sorry did we steal your idea

that walking balloon over there has a
heart at least that's the nonsense I'm

supposed to believe there are hearts all
around us you only have to see them for

them to become real where'd you get that
that's my chip I made it

oh well I'm sorry about that but I
promise I'll put it right back where I

found it what do you need
I think I'll be getting back to work now

wait we got to stop him guys huh you are
all suffering from acute exhaustion

I recommend rest ha ha yeah you're right
that's regroup

come on guys what's with all the long
faces did you forget that we won

Friday not now huh yeah his name is Riku
and you know him yeah well I know a him

the fake ones with organization 13 our
arch nemesis okay but how'd he get

hero's chip and what did he mean about
an experiment and what do they want he

said they're trying to recreate a heart
from data but I don't know what they

really want none of us do these guys
they show up and instead of fighting

fair and square they go for the heart
and say things to try and get under your

skin they're cowards and now they're
doing it to you too it's our fault no

this could be good that chip might
finally be able to give me some answers

you said that you made it right yeah
this baymax he's actually the second

model but no offense I am a robot I
cannot be offended it's a long story but

the first baymax and the chip I made
vanished into another dimension along

with the microbots the chips back
so the first baymax might be back to

those who suffer a loss require support
from friends and loved ones I don't know

guys look gone
hmm why are you snooping around that
would be none of your concern

overstep and darkness will consume you
again what an interesting thing to say I

shall do anything I please as should you
oh I intend to

who's he friend years yes though I could
not tell you from when

hope it's learned some new tricks yeah
now it's got to face all of us that's

Freddie want to destroy our probability

of success is you don't have to crunch
the numbers hey max it's not the sum of

our parts it's the sum of our hearts
yeah which adds up to one show me

almost there what this pile of junk
collected the data we needed the terror

of being attacked without warning the
despair of having no place to run the

longing for vengeance a hearts more than
that it's working together

trusting friends in every heart there's
hope yes you're right uh-huh

that's why I made sure our creation
fought you now the data contains a

complete heart a heart made from
conflict that can't be why how was it

you said I only have to see it for it to
become real so let's see it

first we need a vessel
what's going on another dark you fool
doesn't look as bad as the last one it

could be a trick usually is yeah no wait
that's baymax what Oh

no way
baby max don't bother
this puppet has lost his heart he won't

wake up he's not a puppet day max he's
like my family please give me back my

yes huh
I did promise I'd put this back where I

found it
but there's one piece missing Sora
you're the one who's going to complete

this heart Yeah right you can't have a
heart without sadness without loss you

see you're going to destroy hero's
friend right in front of him wait

hero tell us what should we do
he max means everything to me
but that chip isn't who he is I already

made this mistake once before Tadashi
wouldn't want there to be a baymax that

hurts people oh sorry
he has to be stopped okay help go go and

the others you can lead this guy to us
thank you
well no surah take baymax okay
baymax I am ready

guys here Oh
so did we stop him
safety mode kicks in if he's putting her

too much stress so he's probably just in
stasis you will have to destroy the chip

if we want to be certain but are you
sure yeah dude you don't need to go that

maybe we can find another way

it's the right thing to do
tada she would have done the same thing
but hero isn't that baymax's heart
that's okay baymax is here
I should be the one
ow hello I am baymax your personal he's
my personal healthcare companion



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