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  • Hi! I'm Christine from So Domestically Challenged and today we're going to be taking a look

  • at playroom organization.

  • My favorite organizing system for kids, is the Trofast, from IKEA. The Trofast comes

  • in a variety of sizes and styles and the bins and shelves are interchangeable, which allows

  • for a lot of variety in whatever you want to do.

  • It's also a system that can grow with your child. You can use it in all different sized

  • spaces, from small rooms to large rooms. You can get systems where everything is at children's

  • level or you can get systems where some things are up higher where they can't reach.

  • They're fully customizable. This is a large Trofast system: It's about 6 feet tall.

  • The bins slide in and out easily.

  • And they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

  • One of the things that I like to do with our Trofast system is use these drawer dividers

  • available at IKEA. The dividers fit nicely right in to the Trofast bins and they allow

  • you to sort various small items.

  • The Trofast also comes in a sort of "mini" size. This is fantastic for items that don't

  • take up a full drawer.

  • The mini size Trofast is also great for holding art supplies.

  • A little trick that a lot of people don't know is that these small bins will fit in

  • the narrow Trofast systems.

  • This works out really well if you have some items that are kind of odd sized, maybe something

  • that's tall.

  • Another thing that I love about the Trofast are the shelves.

  • As you can see, I love to use them for our board games.

  • And here's a tip: Store your board games sideways. You'll have easy access to them without having

  • an avalanche of games falling on you.

  • In this bin, I used another divider to divide up various card games, Bananagrams, tanagrams,

  • these little builder things and jacks.

  • In this bin, I hold all of our puzzles.

  • A lot of people think that micromanaging kid's toys is a bad idea and that kid's can't keep

  • up the system. But walk in to any classroom and you'll see kids in classrooms are putting

  • things away in very specific places all the time. The key to this is to create a system

  • that micromanages but it makes sense and make sure that you stick with it.Create visual

  • ques.

  • On the system that we use at my house, we use clear labels, but if your children are

  • too young to read, you can find pictures on the Internet of whatever the toy is and print

  • them out and just tape them onto the bin and it works great.

  • When you set the expectation that things are put away in a certain place and your child

  • finds that they can easily get to things when they're looking for them, they will maintain

  • the system and clean up is a lot easier when they've only taken out one bin of one item

  • instead of one bin full of many kinds of items.

  • When the expectation and the system are in place, kids will put things away where they

  • belong with very little complaining.

  • That's it for today. If you found this video helpful, please click like and share it with

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  • channel.

  • As always, we can be found at and right here. Thanks for watching!

Hi! I'm Christine from So Domestically Challenged and today we're going to be taking a look


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如何用宜家家居整理遊戲室玩具 (How to Organize Playroom Toys with IKEA)

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