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  • Flipkart is India's Amazon.

    Flipkart 是印度版的 Amazon。

  • It's the country's largest online retailer.


  • In 2018 retail giant Walmart announced its intention to acquire a controlling stake in the company for $16 billion.

    2018 年,零售巨頭 Walmart 宣布其打算收購該公司 160 億美元的控股權。

  • Making this the largest e-commerce acquisition ever.


  • Flipkart was founded here in Bangalore in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, two Indian software engineers, that happen to share the same surname.

    Flipkart 在 2007 年於印度班加羅爾成立,創辦人為 Sachin Bansal 與 Binny Bansal,兩位姓氏剛好相同的軟體工程師。

  • They both worked for Amazon in the U.S. before returning to India to start their company.

    他們都曾在美國的 Amazon 工作過,才回到印度創業。

  • Like Amazon, Flipkart began as an online bookstore.

    和 Amazon 一樣,Flipkart 一開始從網路書店起家。

  • In its first full year of business, it delivered nearly three and half thousand shipments of books.

    Flipkart 在它的第一年營運中就運送了將近 3500 件書籍貨品。

  • Now its website has 10 million page visits a day and sells more than 80 different categories of goods, which includes everything from food processors to yoga mats.

    現在 Flipkart 網頁一天有一千萬人次瀏覽、販賣超過 80 種類別的商品;其內容包羅萬象,從食物處理器至瑜珈墊都有賣。

  • This expansion has been supported by the company's own digital ecosystem.


  • In 2009 it founded Ekart, its in-house supply chain arm.

    2009 年,Flipkart 成立了它的內部供應鏈 Ekart。

  • Ekart is now India's largest logistics company delivering 10 million shipments a month for Flipkart, as well as independent brands and sellers.

    Ekart 現在是印度最大的物流公司,一個月替 Flipkart 運送一千萬筆貨單,同時也替其他獨立品牌與賣家出貨。

  • It also owns PhonePe, an app the company acquired in 2016, which helps facilitate electronic payments throughout the country.

    Flipkart 旗下還包含 PhonePe,一個在 2016 年被收購、作為印度電子支付工具的應用程式。

  • In addition, Flipkart's purchase of two of India's leading online fashion retailers:

    此外,Flipkart 收購了兩家時尚電商龍頭 Myntra 和 Jabong;

  • Myntra and Jabong ensured the company remained the leading player in India's online retail industry.


  • Flipkart's strong position in the market attracted $1.4 billion of investment in 2017 from Microsoft, eBay, Tencent and SoftBank.

    Flipkart 的市場地位在 2017 年吸引的投資額達 14 億美元,其紛紛來自 Microsoft、eBay、Tencent 和 SoftBank。

  • The Indian e-commerce market as a whole is set to quadruple to $200 billion in the next eight years.

    整體而言,印度電商市場預計在未來八年內成長四倍,達到 2000 億美元。

  • And by 2034 it's predicted to surpass the U.S. as the second largest e-commerce market in the world.

    而到 2034 年,印度電商市場將超越美國,躍升全球第二。

  • The predicted growth in e-commerce has increased competition between the big online retailers.


  • Amazon has been taking on Flipkart in its own backyard.

    Amazon 和 Flipkart 的競爭尤其激烈。

  • Both have been offering massive sales and discounts pegged to Indian festivals as they battle it out for more customers.


  • While Amazon's size and profitable cloud computing service allows it to absorb these costs, Flipkart has suffered losses in its struggle to compete.

    Amazon 的大規模和其盈利中的雲端計算服務足以吸收這些花費,但對 Flipkart 而言卻造成虧損,難以和 Amazon 競爭下去。

  • However, the Flipkart Group as a whole still has the largest share of the market and remains the e-commerce leader in India.

    然而,整個 Flipkart 團隊依舊擁有最高市佔率並依舊穩坐印度電商市場龍頭。

  • Walmart's online sales, however, account for just a little more than three and a half percent of its business in the U.S.

    而 Walmart 的網路銷售額僅佔該公司在美國總銷售額的 3.6%。

  • Acquiring Flipkart gives them a considerable foothold in the sector.

    收購 Flipkart 能讓它在電商市場中佔有一席之地。

  • Yet when news of the deal broke, the American retailer's shares tumbled four percent.


  • With investors concerned that the company had a long way to go before becoming profitable.

    投資人擔心 Walmart 的淨利要由負轉正,還有很長一段路要走。

  • The acquisition of a loss-making business also cut Walmart's profits at the end of 2018 and its earnings outlook for 2019.

    收購一間虧損企業同時也縮減了 Walmart 在 2018 年的淨利,其 2019 年盈利前景也遭下修。

  • The company also warned that e-commerce growth would be slower next year.

    Walmart 警告明年的電子商務成長將趨緩。

  • For Flipkart, Walmart's investment is seen by many as a major boost to the company's logistical operations.

    Walmart 的資金對多數人而言,大幅加強了 Flipkart 的物流業務系統。

  • It will also help it move into new areas like online groceries.

    Walmart 也將協助 Flipkart 進軍線上食品市場。

  • Water, please.


  • Along with a strong food supply chain, Walmart's financial support will also help Flipkart keep prices low in its battle with Amazon.

    Walmart 內部強大的食品供應鏈也將在財力上支撐 Flipkart,使其得以壓低售價,與 Amazon 抗衡。

  • Several key investors have exited the company, including co-founder Sachin Bansal, and they leave with hefty profits.

    許多主要投資人已離開 Flipkart,包含共同創辦人 Sachin Bansal,而他們是帶著巨額利潤離開。

  • Venture capital firms Accel and Tiger Global invested when Flipkart was valued at just $50 million.

    創投公司如 Accel 和 Tiger Global 早在 Flipkart 市值僅為 5000 萬美元時便投入資金。

  • They have now pocketed more than 400 times what they invested and still retain some shares.

    現在他們的獲利超過最初投資金額的 400 倍,而現在他們仍保有部分股份。

  • Softbank is also a big beneficiary of the deal.

    Softbank 也是此收購案的一大受益人。

  • Its Vision Fund invested $2.5 billion in 2017.

    它的願景基金在 2017 年對 Flipkart 投入了 25 億美元資金。

  • And in just over 12 months the Japanese company sold its 20% stake for $4 billion.

    在短短一年內,這家日本企業集團以 40 億美元出售其 20% 的股份。

  • Co-founder Binny Bansal had planned to stay on as the company's chief executive.

    共同創辦人 Binny Bansal 原先計畫留任,擔任公司的執行長。

  • But resigned after an internal investigation into serious personal misconduct following an accusation of sexual assault.


  • He still owns 4.2% of the company and remains a director on the board.

    他依舊握有公司 4.2% 的股權,也依舊擔任董事會成員。

  • Amid the controversy, Walmart increased its stake in the $20 billion company from 77% to 81.3%.

    在收購紛爭期間,市值 20 億美元的 Walmart 提高了佔有 Flipkart 的股份,由原本的 77% 提高至 81.3%。

  • Offering another sign of its support of an online retail market that is still small by global standards.

    這象徵 Walmart 支持 Flipkart 這個在國際上規模依舊相對較小的網路零售市場。

  • The value and sale of Flipkart to a major corporation like Walmart will likely encourage investors to see India's e-commerce market as an area of growth.

    Flipkart 的價值與銷售量之於 Walmart 這種大型企業,很有可能讓投資人將印度電商市場視為一個成長中的市場。

  • Already the Indian startup Ola is competing fiercely with Uber in the taxi aggregation market.

    印度新創公司 Ola 早已開始與 Uber 在整合租車市場中展開激烈競爭。

  • And both have Softbank as a major shareholder.

    而兩家公司都有 Softbank 為大股東。

  • As the world's major tech companies focus more of their attention on India, Flipkart may be the first of many start-up success stories emerging from the growing e-commerce space.

    隨著全球越來越多大型科技公司聚焦於印度,Flipkart 可能在多個成功新創案例中,從持續成長的電商市場裡脫穎而出。

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Flipkart is India's Amazon.

Flipkart 是印度版的 Amazon。

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