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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 294. The title of today's lesson
is the difference between 'agree with' and 'agree to.' Okay. Let's look at the note
here. If you think the same or similar way, you agree with somebody or something.
You don't just agree someone. All right so there's two ways where students might
make a mistake. Sometimes students will just say they agree somebody. When they
should be saying they agree with somebody or something. Or sometimes
students might use ' agree to ' when they should be using 'agree with. ' All right. So
let's take a look at the examples here. Example number one or the first example
with the X here. This is wrong. I agree that politician's stance on this issue.
Remember his stance, that's his opinion. If we say somebody's stance on something.
So you can't just say I agree that politician stance. You have to say I
agree with. So you don't just agree somebody directly. You always agree with
somebody or with something. Okay. All right. Here's the second , the second
example where somebody is actually using 'agree to' , when they should be using 'agree
with.' All right. Here, you say I mostly agree to what he said. No. You agree with
what he said, means you think a similar way as he does. Okay. Let's look at the
next note here, which tells you actually why you should not be saying "agree to. " If
you agree to something, it means you are willing to accept or allow it. So if you
say I agree to what he says, does that mean that you are like allowing what he
says ? No. Or you're accepting what he says ? No. It means that you think a similar way.
So you should say, you agree with what he said. Okay. Let's continue with more
examples. Again with the X. This is wrong. If somebody says I agree with the
conditions of that contract. No. You can't agree with conditions. Conditions, you
can't think a similar way as a contract. You can't think like conditions.
You agree to them. You are willing to accept them. You are willing to allow
them so you agree to the conditions of that contract. So of course with the
check, that's correct. You agree to the conditions. Okay. And the last example
here. I agree with his compromise. No, Again the compromise itself does not
think. So you can't think in a similar way as the compromise, but you could
agree to his compromise. So it means that again you accept his compromise. Or you
allow his compromise. Okay, good. I hope it's clear. I hope you got it. Thank you
for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Lesson (294) The Difference Between Agree with and Agree to

23 分類 收藏
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