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Hello! This is Iri. The Deep-Sea Secret event is upon us today,
so let's take a look at how it works, how much it costs, how all the suit parts look by
themselves, and all the top-scoring items. So here we have an interface. We see that it is
from November 5th to November 11th,
so 7 days, and when we click this button over here,
we arrive at this main menu, very similar to the Star Secret event
menu, showing us that we will be teamed up with an AI
partner whom, uh, with whom we will go beat up other players and their AI partners.
There will be one theme- one styling theme each day,
and then you can change your AI partner, too
if you don't like the one you currently have. There's some nuance with which you can like,
ah, use to pick your partner, but if you are lazy like me,
you can just pick the one with the highest collection.
If you are really hardcore, you can look at whether the AI partners have
top-scoring items in their avatar, but since,
you know,
normally that takes way too long (and)
we would just pick the one with the highest collection. And then we'll tap "Find Stylist" and this will find us our
opponents, so that's another player and their partner. And then we push "Start Styling", and the funny story is that
as of the time of this recording,
The website My Nikki's Info (MyNI) actually hasn't been updated yet because it takes some time to update and refine those algorithms,
so I'm just going to go for it (!!!!) and wear simple and pure clothes according to this hint in-game.
I do not recommend doing this, even though simple and pure are probably the highest attributes for this theme,
but once MyNI updates, please go there and
look for your customized outfits that will guarantee to give you the highest score each time.
I'm just wearing simple and pure clothes right now because I want to get all the suit parts, so I can show you what they
look like. And also don't forget to bring your skills:
These are the ones I typically just use (Smile, Critical Eye, Charming, Sleeping) since you know, we can't really control which skills we throw out
at our opponents anyways, so that's kind of like my default set when the skill settings are random.
So here's our first match, and we're just gonna skip, you know, the middle scoring and
luckily, I did okay and
emerged victorious
against the opponents. So- and the winning gives us 5 Deep-Sea Gems,
which is the event currency, and then we will be back at this menu.
It's still the same styling theme,
but now we can change our AI partner if we want.
Again, if you are really-super-ultra-careful,
you can try to spot if any of these partners have top-scoring items for that theme, or if you're just like me,
you know, this is good enough for now. So with the highest collection,
(there are) generally greater odds of [the score] being you know, okay. And I have four
more free chances today,
so I am just going to do this "Done 4" and as you can see, the result, since I didn't use MyNI at
the end, I did lose one round, and losing gave me 3 event currency versus the victory of
5 event currency. So again, please use MyNI when it updates, so that you can get as much currency as you can.
I'm just kind of rushing it because I want to see the individual suit parts. And now, how much does this event cost?
dun dun DUNNNN
So I went ahead and calculated each individual parts' cost
for the event and these numbers have been kindly verified by all the Spreadsheet Goddesses on the spreadsheet server,
Esteric, florieℓℓe, Syn, yumi, Astro and more. Sorry if I forgot anyone, I love you guys! And
so basically, as you can see,
This is a tiered event- meaning that we have to get items in a set order
instead of choosing whichever one we want, and we have to get the Scarlet Sin suit first,
so the suit with a red test-tube, and
the parts come all the way down here for her. So as you can see, if you want to
complete that suit it, costs
670 event currency, which translates to 2,376 diamonds (
for Scarlet Sin, the suit with a test-tube. And if you want the other suit as well, the
greenish-looking scientist one, it costs 300-
not 300, sorry-
3,576 diamonds (
2,376 for Scarlet Sin, and then 3,576 for both Scarlet Sin and Deep-Sea Secret. So
definitely *not* cheap. So now the question becomes whether these two suits are worth that hefty price tag.
So let's check out Scarlet Sin in her special pose first.
It does only have 5 hearts, but come on, like, look at it.
It's just such stunning design, and then the hair is light blue and cute.
The pose is one big blob of item,
but we've never really had that kind of pose before, so I
applaud the artist very much,
and I really like the fact that this test tube covers your entire Nikki,
even when she's not using the special pose. This means you can, you know,
put her in other outfits and still use this test tube, which is pretty nice.
Like maybe the big dresses wouldn't be able to fit in the test tube, but normally like more slimmed
should work. And then let's go check out her normal pose too. Many more parts separated out,
So now we have her cool, almost ninja-looking cape and then the dress, these [bottoms], okay,
I guess I was a top- this bottom piece, you know, not my favorite-favorite, but I think
players with more styling skills will still make it work.
The leglets and hosiery and the shoes are, all again, broken out very well,
and I really like the bandage designs.
Like not that I like that she's hurt, just from a creative-aesthetic point of view,
I think you can do, like, more wild-looking outfits with them.
So I appreciate that, and then I do want to try one thing,
which is how her makeup looks with different hairstyles, because I know a lot of players have been
looking forward to this makeup. And from what it seems, it fits pretty well with most
hairstyles regardless of, kind of, the color, like even the guy hairstyles kind of work.
And now, let's move on to Deep-Sea Secret. The special pose first,
so again,
this is the more expensive suit, or more technically speaking, the suit that comes later on the reward chain, and
again, the pose is one piece. We also have some sort of hair accessory and
these really awesome-looking high-tech background and foreground accessories, too:
I haven't really checked as a category, like, whether they are ground,
like the specific
accessory type, but
you know, I'm sure in the [Starry] Corridor,
regardless of the item's original type, creative players always find ways to use them outside
of their original context.
So, I'm sure we'll see a lot of stunning entries with these
items. And then moving on to the normal pose of Deep-Sea Secrets.
So here it is, again, more parts in the normal pose, as expected. Most of these are the same as the special pose though,
but I do like how we can use this cape by itself now.
I feel like it can work outside of Ruin outfits too- and then the
dress, or again, top in this case and
armor shoes, highlighted hair and then all of the other
items we've already seen in the special pose. And now for the top-scoring item information:
Countless "Thank You"s to Sweet Cupcake for creating and maintaining and constantly upgrading the
fabulous MyNI website, where we are at right now, and from the top-scoring item section, as you can see,
most of the items from this event,
they're not super top-scoring. Like, the the earpiece you see right here,
This is from the other recharge suit that's going on right now. Not the two events suits. So,
you know, for the hefty price tag that these two event suits come with, the
hairpin for the Deep-Sea Secret suit is good. But otherwise, they're like, just okay-ish.
And personally I'm going for these suits for, like, aesthetic reasons anyway,
so that is something to take into consideration other than just pure stats,
if you are looking at, you know, scoring. Scoring items gets replaced over time anyways,
And I just want to, again, thank Sweet Cupcake for
maintaining this amazing website,
and if you could please go to her Patreon and donate!! She works so hard for the entire server and
definitely deserves your support.
And before I forget, there is a time-limited recharge deal going on. You get 32 Deep-Sea Gems, the event currency, for
32 gems isn't too much, considering you need
920 to complete the two suits, but, you know, if you can spare a dollar, it does help a little bit,
so there's that! So, that was the guide to the Deep-Sea Secret event.
I try to cover as much as possible as early as possible so that it can be useful to you.
So if you liked it, please like and subscribe. I would really really
appreciate it. Thank you so much, and I will see you next time with more fun stuff! ❤


新活動完成指南 -深海秘密❣️愛暖暖 (NEW EVENT COMPLETE GUIDE - Deepsea Secret Love Nikki)

136 分類 收藏
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