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Yes, the Devil has risen again! Fans were in misery when the show was cruelly cancelled
by Fox.
But thanks to God...or the Devil, the series got saved!
After thousands of loyal fans and cast members tweeted #SaveLucifer
their voices have been finally heard by Netflix. So, Lucifer is coming to a new home!
Season 4 is still in production but 2019 is without a doubt gonna be as hot as a devil.
While we wait, let`s find out everything personal about Tom Ellis and the rest of the show`s
crew right now!
Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker
The woman is immune to the devil`s abilities on the show but what about Lauren German in real life?
Frankly speaking, her personal life is a bit of a mystery as we only know that
Lauren was once in a special relationship with an American actor, Ashton Holmes. The
duo dated for about a year.
After that, she actually hasn't been in any reported relationship...The actress is
really private, which makes fans come up with different imaginary love stories for her.
Especially after her role on 'Chicago Fire' as Leslie Shay, a paramedic who turned out
to be lesbian.
Although it seems like the actress doesn't find that very exciting.
"I've played a few lesbians and I have gay and lesbian friends and I don't think it's
really any different." She said.
Adding that: "It's almost like asking a straight character 'how do you play straight?'
You're just attracted to what you're attracted to. It's really just playing whatever's
going on in the scene."
Those words she uttered made some people start to suspect that she might be lesbian? Do you
think she could be?
Since she hasn't been married and hasn't been reported to be seeing any guy for a long time,
could it be that she's looking for the right girl?
Kevin Alejandro as Detective Daniel "Dan" Espinoza
On screen, Dan`s relationships are really interesting.
He has a complex relationship with Chloe, he sure doesn't like Lucifer, and he had a
thing with Lucifer's mom, even though he doesn't know it's Lucifer's mom.
But in real life, the guy's relationships are much more normal and stable.
Kevin Alejandro met his future wife Leslie when he was helping a friend move into an
apartment and they have been hanging out since then.
They soon got married in Costa Rica more than 15 years ago, and even until today, Kevin
still considers Leslie to be the most important person in his life. The two have a son named Kevin Michael.
And as far as we know, the family does not seem to be moving towards any marital problems.
Having created his own film project, ALEJANDRO FILMS.
The actor explained that he created the special YouTube channel to challenge himself as he
wanted to learn as much about filmmaking as possible.
To hone his craft, Alejandro has made his formal directing debut, stepping behind the
camera as a director on Lucifer.
“I always thought it would be easy to direct myself, as acting has become second nature
to me, but it isn't! he confesses.
Though he added that he was lucky to have had this first experience with friends and
colleagues on Lucifer, which felt like everyone had his back.
We can only wish for Kevin to continue his directing practice during Season 4, which
we will gladly check out.
Tricia Helfer as Charlotte Richards
"The goddess of all creation", the mother of Lucifer who escaped from her prison in
Hell - well, that is the character played perfectly by Tricia Helfer.
Today, the Canadian actress Tricia Helfer is starting a fresh chapter, both personally
and professionally.
as it was only last when year Helfer and lawyer Johnathan Marshall finalised their divorce
after more than 13 years of marriage.
Despite the split, Helfer says the couple is still supportive of one another after spending
so many years together.
“Just moving on with another phase of my life... but it's a friendly situation, we`re
supportive and loving of each other but sometimes things just, you know, things just take a
different course and you go a different direction," the actress says.
In addition to her acting, Tricia Helfer, alongside her 'Battlestar Galactica' co-star
Katee Stackhoff, started Acting Outlaws, a charitable organization
where the two actresses participate in a variety of activities – usually involving motorcycle
rides and other events – to raise money for the causes they believe in.
D. B. Woodside as Amenadiel
The brother of Lucifer is already 47 in real life and is still single.
David, however, dated his previous girlfriend, Golden Brooks, an American actress but that
was almost 10 years ago.
The stars couldn't prolong their relationship but are now jointly fulfilling their parental duties.
Yes, David and Golden are blessed with a daughter, Dakota.
And despite the fact, the actor is totally private about his relationships, he made his
fans happy by posting a photo of his cute daughter on his Instagram account.
He posted a very heartwarming comment under the photo, congratulating his daughter on
her 7th birthday.
He wrote: "She softens my hard edges, fills my cavernous heart and makes me believe that
maybe, just maybe, LOVE is what this life is all about."
Though Woodside's split with his former girlfriend happened more than six years ago,
they are still on good terms when it comes to their daughter.
Woodside and Brooks often go for family dinners along with their daughter.
Hopefully, someday we'll hear that Woodside's love does not only extend to Dakota, but to
his perfect life partner as well.
Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen
Lesley-Ann is a hot demon on screen but in reality, she is more like an angel.
South African-born actress, Lesley-Ann Brandt is a married woman.
She met her boyfriend turned husband Chris Payne Gilbert for the first time at the Nancy
Banks Acting Studio 7 years ago where they were assigned a scene together.
The couple fell for one another and eventually started dating.
After two years, Gilbert proposed to her and the two got married in a private ceremony
attended by friends and family.
Last year the couple welcomed a child, their son Kingston.
Recently the actress shared about how exciting it is for her to be a new mom.
"It is exciting! Because you don't sweat the small stuff anymore, because you have this
little being lighting up your life and taking your sleep away. He's amazing."
Actually, the sweet little boy has probably become the youngest fan of the show, as he
practically spends every day with mom while she's working on set because she breastfeeds
him daily.
Brandt often worries about missing important events in Kingston's life because of her busy
acting schedule.
She wrote: "I honestly feel like I'm never doing enough but especially when I return
to work. Don't get me wrong, I love acting and I believe I'm a better mother for it."
adding that she is hoping her son will understand the tough sacrificies she makes to allow her
to spend a little bit more time with him whenever it is possible.
Tom Welling as Lieutenant Marcus Pierce
Who did not shed a tear when Lucifer killed Lt Marcus Pierce... The show will not be the same anymore.
But it seems like for the actor Tom Welling, it wasn't such a big deal.
Famously known for being the Warner Brothers' Clark Kent, Clark won't have any problems
getting a new role.
Long before he was Superman the artist met his first wife Jamie White in Miami, when
he was only beginning his modelling career.
The couple dated for four years and eventually decided to get married. Still, the marriage
did not overcome the challenges of glory.
After 10 years, the two went through a tough separation.
After a short period of having fun as a bachelor, Tom Welling got taken off the market again.
The actor set off a flurry of speculation that he's engaged to his girlfriend Jessica
Rose Lee after he used the #fiancé hashtag on Instagram last year.
Lee, an avid equestrian, has previously referred to Welling, 40, as her fiancé as well.
“To my perfect fiancé — I love you to infinity and beyond,” she captioned a photo of the two.
“Thank you for all of your unwavering support and super-human love. I am so blessed to have
you in my life @tomwelling.”
Just a couple of days ago, the media shared the news that The Smallville actor and fiancée
Jessica Rose Lee have welcomed their first child together.
Lee gave birth to their son, Thomson Wylde Welling on January 5.
Congrats to the family and we wish them the best for the care of their newborn!
Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar
If Lucifer really exists, oh God, let him be as hot and wonderful as Tom Ellis.
As you probably saw in the finale (SPOILER ALERT if you did not), Chloe saw Lucifer's devil face!
"And finally, here is proof that Lucifer really is who he said he is. So, the next season
is going to answer the most anticipated question:
""Can you LOVE the devil?”"
We need to wait a bit to hear about that but today we are ready to answer the question
- "Can the Devil himself fall in love?"
And the truth is —Tom is not only a great actor and a very handsome man, but he is also
a caring father to three daughters.
His first daughter Nora is from his relationship with Estelle Morgan, Ellis' ex-girlfriend,
whom he dated a couple of years.
He did not eventually marry her, but soon after their relationship ended Tom married
another woman instead.
It was British actress Tamzin Outhwaite and during their marriage, Ellis became the father
to their daughters Marnie and Florence.
Although the actor was divorced by his wife after he admitted to cheating on her... Oh...
it seems like there's a little bit of the devil inside Tom after all.
Despite the heartbreaking divorce, Tom has found new love with glamorous American actress
and screenwriter Meaghan “Moppy” Oppenheimer.
Actually, you might be familiar with Meaghan's work as she wrote the 2015 Zac Efron film
We Are Your Friends.
The good-looking pair have posted romantic pictures of themselves and messages on their
Instagram accounts, with Tom confessing in a recent one that he was “missing my Mops”.
Earlier Meaghan described Tom on social media as “my best friend and trophy boyfriend.
"I love you more than I love shoes and WWII documentaries”. She said.... Well, we can
only hope the girl really loves those things...
Due to all his responsibilities on and off set, Tom finds it hard to keep a balance in
his life and leave some free time for himself.
The actor confessed: "I need all the energy I can get as a father of three. Last week
I found myself getting into bed at half past nine!"
Keep strong, Tom!
Congrats to the family and we wish them the best for the care of their newborn!
Are you waiting for season 4? What is your prediction for the upcoming episodes? Share
your thoughts in the comments below and don`t forget to subscribe to the Ossa Channel for
the best videos about your favorite celebrities.


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