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Hello this is Iri ~ And this video may seem
out of nowhere, but have you ever heard of

stories that just hit you really hard and
you want to tell everybody about it?

Well, this is one of them.
It's the story of a Shining Nikki character,
but not only is her character design spectacularly

successful with the playerbase ever since
the beta tests, her name is also...Lilith,

which should sound familiar to every Love
Nikki players who's ever opened

up the suit gallery.
So ladies and gentlemen, this the story of
Lilith, the lady who fundamentally changed

the Lilith Kingdom as we know it.
And I must clarify that, before anyone attacks
this video by saying that there are far more

beautiful NPCs in the game, please note that
this character is referred to as “the Most

Beautiful” in the story and I even put the
phrase in quotes.

So I would really appreciate it if all comments
can remain civil and on track.

And with that being said, Lilith wasn't
always beautiful.

The player finds out that she was once a disfigured
girl named Huihuicao, which meant Graygray

The Kingdom of Lilith also wasn't always
cheery and cute like Bobo, it was once called Ninier,

and was surprisingly messed up, because physical
beauty was valued above all else.

For example, if you walked into a store, the
owner of the store will give you a big discount, or even give you the merchandise for free,

IF you're beautiful.
And we aren't even talking about a sense
of appreciation for beauty in general, we

are just talking about physical beauty, i.e.
having a beautiful face.

That's literally it.
And people justified it by saying that it's
human nature to like other beautiful humans

so why not be honest with ourselves.
And even if you're a miraculous singer whose
beautiful voice is like that of an angel's,

like our Huihuicao, it didn't matter, because
she had a giant birthmark on her face and

people just thought she looked horrendous
and treated her like she was fundamentally

Huihuicao lived with an adopted family who
was extremely guilty of this.

She was basically a servant who was ordered
around all the time, she lived in a closet,

her adopted sister, Peipeiwu would take her
things and verbally abuse her, saying stuff

like “You're so ugly, I can't even look
at you, no wonder your parents left you.”

And if she dared to fight back or even just
leave the house without permission, she would

be locked in a dark room for an entire day.
She would still go to lakes and sing by herself,
still try to appreciate life and have hope

that someone would look pass her appearance
and just be her friend, but she was basically

hurt, mocked, and humiliated every single

And still she tried to at least endure the
bullying, and eventually there was one person

who was kind to her, the only person ever,
and that was an old composer, who told her

that true beauty absolutely doesn't only
mean a beautiful exterior.

He taught her how to play the violin too,
and brought the only bit of joy into her life.

Now, the Kingdom of Lilith, or Ninier still
at this point, was not only superficial, it

was also ridiculous, because it chose its
ruler through a pageant.

So every two years, there'd be a beauty pageant,
where the most beautiful girl, the one whom

people thought most embodied the spirit of
the country, would become Queen of the country.

And maybe it was a far-fetched dream, but
like every girl, Huihuicao wanted to do something with her life,

maybe just to have a good time and prove to
everyone that true beauty meant much more,

and so encouraged by the kind composer, she
poured her heart into making a beautiful, beautiful dress,

including all the accessories, and entered
the competition.

But on the night of the pageant, her stepsister
saw her and she just laughed her head off.

She also tore the dress off of her (Huihuicao) and put it on
herself, as if *she* had made it.

And then she called her friends and they jeered
and snapped Huihuicao's violin too.

And that finally broke Huihuicao herself,
she was so angry and hurt and done with everything,

that she set the entire stadium on fire.
As the fire raged, she told her trembling
stepsister that they're the same now because

whether beautiful or ugly, everything is going
to burn.

And here the writers added a line that really
struck me and it said “She had tried to

be kind, had tried to love, and had tried
to be brave, but for someone who was born

ugly, all of it turned out to be meaningless.”
An evil bully like her step sister was still
seen and treated as beautiful and perfect

and was loved by everyone.
And so, still naked, and now with the raging
fire as her robe, she asked out loud, “if

evil is beautiful, then why can't I be evil?”
And that was when she saw the figure of the
Devil himself.

Which is this dude, who has that butler look
going on for sure and praised Huihuicao for embracing

her dark side.
And yes, they entered into a deal, but the
interesting thing here is that what Huihuicao

first asked, was for the love of every single
person in the world.

And upon hearing that, the Devil paused, like
that's right, the Devil hesitated upon hearing

that request because I think he knew that
was impossible too.

And Lilith, upon seeing that pause, said that
it's fine if he can't do it, just give

her the utmost physical beauty, and she will
hunt for the love of every single person ever

A few days later, at the hospital that
Huihuicao's now also scarred and disfigured

stepsister was staying, a Lady Lilith, the
winner of that royal pageant, came to visit

the victims of the fire.
Lilith was the embodiment of gentleness and
charity, but the stepsister wouldn't look

at her, saying that she (Liilith) was too beautiful
and looking at her made her aware of how imperfect

she is.
And finally, Lilith, or Huihuicao, obviously,
sneered and responded “that is so unlike

you, sister,” and when the step sister finally realized
what that meant, she just went insane.

So Huihuicao does have the satisfaction of
revenge and so ascended the throne as the

new Queen of Ninier.
But the story doesn't end here.
When Huihuicao made the deal with that devil,
she actually paid a price, one is of course,

the classic “you'll live a short life
and let me eat your soul while it suffers

the greatest pain as you die”, and the other
is that regardless of how much love she receives

for her new, breathtaking beauty, she'll
never be satisfied.

And at the time Huihuicao replied that she
had lived a drawn-out life without beauty

and love already and look where that got her (and so she chose destruction).
And so as the new Queen, Lilith, actively
went out to charm those who may still oppose

or dislike her and was able to do it so successfully
that it was seen as a sin to “not” love

Like “if you don't love her, then something's
wrong with you”, that type of thinking.

And boy she fanned the flames.
Pretty soon, people who didn't like or just express
passionate love for her were driven out of

their homes, beat up by the masses and left
to rot in dark allys.

And Lilith, in her newfound capacity as a
cunning ruler, would then show up basically

like an angel, and comfort such rejects.
And the latter would normally be moved to
tears in gratitude.

One of such people even became her most loyal

And so as she was surrounded by citizens who
adored her, Lilith, or our Huihuicao, finally

found a moment of happiness.
But it was short-lived, because at the banquet,
there was one person who looked at her like

he knew exactly what sort of things she had
done and was scoffing at her.

And that was Mercury, the leader of the Mercury
Finance Group of the Apple Federation, who

at that moment, inspired a thought in Lilith,
the thought of “it seems that not everyone

loves me yet.”
And that's how far the story has gotten
so far, but the mind wars between Lilith and

Mercury are presumably going to be in the
spotlight in future Shining Nikki chapters.

And Mercury himself is not only hot but has
one heck of a story too, which I look forward

to covering in the future, since I did level
up him up all the way to level 50 and all.

And I just want to thank you so much for listening
all the way to here.

I know the story isn't perfect, and it actually
does have elements commonly seen in anime

and you know classic literature everywhere,
but I thought it was definitely one of the

most fleshed out stories in the Nikkiverse,
and Lilith / Huihuicao is one of those characters

who's neither good nor evil and is therefore

The Chinese players love her btw, so much
that they came up with #AlltheLove4Lilith.

And that's the long storytime video from
me today.

If you want to hear more about what happens
with Lilith and newest hot and deep man in

town Mercury, please like and subscribe so
you can be notified when that storytime comes

Thank you again and I'll see you next time!


【愛&閃耀 暖暖】❣️ 莉莉絲的故事, "最美麗的" (Shining Nikk The Story of Lilith "The Most Beautiful")

291 分類 收藏
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