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  • You know, Lucifer used to be God's favorite angel.

  • Those were the days.

  • Where to start?

  • Well, I'm the Devil.

  • I basically invented daddy issues,

  • waged a war and then got banished to rule Hell.

  • Decided I needed a little vacay.

  • So I came here to Los Angeles,

  • which, may I tell you, is no city of angels

  • and exactly what I was after.

  • Your return to the underworld has been requested.

  • Remind Dad that I quit Hell

  • because I was sick and tired of playing a part in his play.

  • I bought a bar,

  • had a wonderful time partying with my demon friend, Maze,

  • annoying my brother, Amenadiel, which I have to say was half the fun.

  • And you, my feathered friend, can go to hell.

  • But then something unexpected happened.

  • I got mixed up in a murder,

  • and helped an LAPD detective solve the case.

  • Detective Chloe Decker.

  • I told her I was the Devil, but she didn't believe me.

  • They never do.

  • I have the ability to draw out people's forbidden desires.

  • I got it. I got it. The name. The whole Lucifer thing.

  • -And desire's like your superpower. -It's more like a gift from God.

  • There's something special about the detective.

  • She's the only human I've ever met

  • who's completely immune to my devilish charm.

  • I will never ever sleep with you.

  • Playing hard to get, I like it.

  • -When hell freezes over. -I can arrange that, actually.

  • Get in the car.

  • Anyway, with the help of my therapist, Dr. Linda...

  • I know, so LA.

  • I found a way to keep working alongside the detective

  • and her douche of an ex-husband, Dan,

  • and a rather lovely forensic scientist called Ms. Lopez.

  • Just make out already and get it over with.

  • Past couple of years, we've been through a lot.

  • You're going to send me into the life of Charlotte Richards?

  • Deal with it, Mother!

  • Maze...

  • became a bounty hunter.

  • I was bored, had nothing to do.

  • Amenadiel lost his wings, then got them back

  • and flew a good friend of ours up to Heaven.

  • But I know what you're really thinking.

  • "Has that detective finally realized that she's madly in love with me?"

  • Well, I think she nearly did,

  • but then she saw my true face.

  • Proof that indeed I am the Devil.

  • So grab a drink. You'll need one.

  • The fun's just begun.

  • There's no hiding.

You know, Lucifer used to be God's favorite angel.


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路西法》回顧 - 準備好迎接第四季的到來|Netflix (Lucifer Recap - Get Ready for Season 4 | Netflix)

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