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"Oh have you guys ever swapped places before?"
"Who do you think's prettier?"
"Are you the smart twin or are you the sporty twin?"
Uh? Like, why is that a question?
Life is just repetitive as a twin.
It is!
"Which one are you?"
I've had friends, like talking to me, and then being like, "Oh I thought you were Tope."
Like even our dad, he still gets us mixed up.
It's like, come on.
And then they start looking for identifiers.
They're like, "Hmm okay. Which one are you? Wait a minute, are you the one with the weird thing on his face?"
You're the bigger one and you're the like, more thinner one.
And some people have got us to stand back-to-back.
"Okay, you two stand right next to each other."
"Glasses off, stand next to each other."
"Shoulders apart."
They'll literally be positioning you.
You two can share.
Oh my God.
Like if our parents are buying us something we know it's for both of us.
Like a coat, if they buy us a coat.
It's not my coat, it's our coat.
Like our friends are like, "You can just share this present."
We used to have to kind of sit back-to-back to open our presents so the other one couldn't see one of them was keener than the other to get the present out.
People that get their own cakes don't appreciate it. Like we have to share the cake and share the candles.
Like if someone got us a DVD and that like sticker would be scratched out "2 for £10"!
"Are you twins?"
Yeah we get that like every…like every other day.
They kind of come up to you in the street and they kind of give you this little eye, kind of like… "Oh yeah?"
The whole double-take…They'll be like, "Are you guys twins?"
And you're just like, "I know what's coming. I know what's coming."
Or they'll stop our mum and be like, "You're so lucky."
Yes! Yes!
Yeah that was one of the first questions they ask: "Where's your twin?"
They always ask me as if I'm supposed to know where you are every minute of every day.
I don't know, maybe just some niceties first and then lead into, "Where's your brother? What's he up to now?"
"Oh where's Tights? Where's Kay?"
It's just like, I can be alone.
I'm like, "I don't know! You call her!"
"Do you do everything at the same time?"
-No. -No.
Biologically we're quite similar.
Our hairlines receded at the same time, Yeah.
People get really invasive actually, yeah.
"When did you start your period? Who had sex first?"
The period question: "Who started their period first?"
Why do you need to know that?
"Do both of you know when each other have sex?"
Or, "Do you feel each other when that happens?"
Yeah, it's so odd!
"Would you ever have a threesome?"
You know, that question we get asked so many times! -so many times!
I hate it!
Do you think that because we're twins like all social convention goes out the window?
Yeah that's so sick.
And incest is suddenly acceptable, it's not!
That's my sister you're talking about!
Yeah exactly you wouldn't have a threesome with your aunt!
We shared a womb, we're not going to share a partner as well.
"Can you feel each other's pain?"
First thing that everybody does and they're just like, "Can you feel each other's pain?"
And they'll hit you.
And then they get us to like… they'll be like, "Okay what's she thinking her now? What's she thinking now?"
Right now, maybe, yeah I don't know.
Call your brother! Is he hurt?
If someone's like, "Can you feel each other's pain?" We're like, "Yeah."
And we just pretend.
It doesn't exist.
Yeah, yeah as far as we know, maybe there are some twins who are more connected.
"Which one is the evil twin?"
I hate this question so much.
People wanted to put us in a group: the smarter twin, the naughty twin, the good twin, the bad twin.
"Which one's the smarter twin? Oh you're the smarter twin."
Or, "Which one does your mum prefer?"
Or, "Which one does your dad prefer?"
Like, teachers will always be like, "Are you the good one or the bad one?"
And they'll be like, "You look like the evil twin, I can see it."
It's just like, you can't see anything.
"I don't think I'd like to have a twin."
Well I don't think I'd like to meet you.
Being a twin, you've always got someone there with you.
You know when you've first moved to your school and it's that awkward like, you're standing around because you don't know anybody.
Just, never, never had that.
It's like, you've always had… so whenever you go on holiday, you're guaranteed to have a friend there.
I don't get how people do that.
Like all these humans walking around by themselves. -Walking around by themselves.
With my friends they might not be available but I know she's always going to be.
I feel like everybody should have had, like got a twin.
I feel like that would have been fair.
I couldn't imagine not having a twin.
You're just a part of my life so…
Thank you.



羨慕雙胞胎嗎?快來看看他們不為人知的秘密! (Things Not To Say To Twins)

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