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(electronic music)
- Hi, we're Joel and Lia.
- And this is gonna be a
recap of our time in Texas,

what we loved about it,
what we didn't love about it.
- We realized that we didn't
actually do like a roundup

- Yeah.
- Of the holiday.
Should we call it a holiday?
It was kind of a holiday,
but it was a content holiday.
- Yeah.
- We went to Texas knowing
that we were going to film

as many videos as possible
while we're out there.

- Yeah.
It's one of those weird things, isn't it?
Because obviously this is our job,
videos earn us money,
so it was like a work thing,
but it was also a fun thing to do,
so it was like a working holiday, I guess.
- Exactly.
And I think people that don't
really understand YouTube

might be like wait, what?
Your job is to go to Texas.
Who's sending you there?
And we're like oh no,
we're sending ourselves there--
- Yeah, they're like who's paying for it?
- Because we know it's
gonna be really fun.

- [Together] We're like
we're paying for ourselves.

- And they're like, right.
It's a work trip?
- Yeah.
- Oh my God.
- They don't get it.
- Anyway.
- But, because it was a work trip,
we didn't necessarily do
all the things that people

would do on a holiday or a
vacation as you would say.

We did still have a good time.
- Yeah, definitely.
I think everyday, I'd say everyday was,
there was definitely good fun everyday.
- I definitely agree and
I think that's because

it was seven days.
- Yeah.
- That's what we both really liked.
We went to New York,
New Jersey for 16 days

and it was too long.
- It was too much.
- It was too long.
- You know, if it's short and crammed,
we work really well under pressure.
- Yeah.
- If someone's like,
Joel and Lia you've got seven
days to make as much happen,

we will make it happen.
- Yeah.
- But if they're like, you've
got two weeks we'll go,

should we go shopping today?
- Yeah (chuckling)
- Like we just didn't even
dream of doing that in Texas.

'Cause we didn't just go,
let's spend the whole day shopping.
- The only time we went
shopping was on the last day.

And we were like,
let's treat ourselves.
- [Together] And we got a massage!
- Ooh.
- Oh my God.
- Actually, that was the
best part about Texas.

- A proper holiday on the last day.
Actually the worst day
was when we checked out

of the Airbnb and we had all those hours.
- Oh my God.
- So we sat at the airport we were like,
we're going to check in
to an executive lounge

and just pay to be in there.
None of them would let us in.
- Yeah, they wouldn't.
- None of them would let skinny
legends into their lounge.

- They were like we're
not letting anyone in

since it's quite busy
except if you're traveling

first class-
- If you're a member of any these clubs.
And we were like
- [Together] No.
- So we just sat in the airport lounge
for probably about five hours.
- Not even a lounge,
it's just airport like-

- Luckily, we found two
seats next to a plug socket

and we raced that man there
and he tutted and walked off.

We're like you snooze you lose.
- Snooze you lose.
Like, you know, Usain Bolt to the chairs.
- Yeah.
- It was so quick and then
I had to watch the chairs

while you got food and vice versa.
- And the food was so expensive.
- The food was very expensive.
- 'Cause it's the airport.
- Yeah, I got Texas
barbecue that day it was 16-

- Yeah, I got a sub.
- Oh, you got a sub!
- 16 for a barbecue?
- Yeah, shocking!
- Shocking.
- 16 for a little anyway,
but let's go into what we
really, really liked about Texas.

- Yeah, I think we should
probably clarify by saying this is

what we liked and didn't like about Austin
- Oh yeah.
- Because I know that it's not,
the title of this video will be
the things we liked and
disliked about Texas,

but really it's about Austin.
- Really yeah, because
that's where we went apart

from the day we spent in San Antonio.
- Yeah, which was great.
- That was a good day.
- Yeah.
- There were so many fails that day.
- I think that was one of
my favorite things actually.

- What, getting the bus?
- Apart from, once we got there,
the bus was obviously horrific.
But as soon as we got there,
margaritas by the river,
we were very tipsy having
the best time like chatting

to people as they walk by.
- That was so funny.
- It was so good and then
the rodeo was a let down.

- All of those cadets.
- But I think the best moments
were margaritas by the river.

- That was so funny.
- That was just so funny.
- Joel, we were like chatting about really
inappropriate stuff like stuff
that would not go on camera.

- Yeah, we would never
talk to our parents about.

- (laughing) It was so bad.
We were like oh my gosh,
imagine if anyone recognized us right now
and they were like,
sorry, what filth just
came out of your mouth?

- [Together] Oh it was horrific.
- But that's what happens
when two skinny legends

drink margaritas.
- I know.
Oh my God.
- That was so funny,
of course none of that was filmed.
That was just like in the moment.
- Yeah, but we rarely have
conversations like that

when we just decided to
do it in the middle of,

like in the middle of the day, public-
- San Antonio, so funny, by the river.
- But, really funny sipping on margaritas.
I really liked that.
- Yeah.
- What did you love about
Austin or Texas as a whole?

- In general, I think overall,
the biggest ding, ding,
ding was the people we met.

Almost everyone
- Yeah.
- Was accommodating, kind
- Yeah.
- And interested in us.
- Yeah, that was so nice.
- And it was a really nice feeling
like that people were
just interested in you,

and why you're here and what you're doing.
Okay, it was kind of hard to
sometimes explain what we're

doing there, 'cause were
like we sent ourselves here!

- Yeah.
- For our channel.

- Do you remember that
woman in Souper Salad?

- [Together] Aw.
- The waitress, she was so lovely.
- She loved it, she
loved it, she was cute.

- And she gave you a hug!
- Yeah!
- At the end.

- Yeah, we just got along
really well and then,

- Yeah.
- She's not a legend,
she doesn't follow us,

she was just a really sweet waitress.
- Yeah.
- And she did a great job
and we had a good day,

we gave a hug after.
- I know.
- She was lovely.

- She was so nice.
- The reason why this is like ah,
is 'cause that would just not happen here.
- Oh no.
And like, in a way we wouldn't
want it to happen here

'cause living here, we'd be like
oh we don't have time for
this, it's just annoying.

- Yeah.
- But I think because we're on holiday,
it was like oh we can relax,
we can spend more time

chatting to people
- Yeah.

- And it was nice to
have that relationship

- We were in holiday mode,
even though we were working.

- Yeah.
- And what would you say
you loved, like, overall?

- I can't put it into words,
it was just the general vibe

that I got there that I,
sorry to everyone from Florida,
I've been to Florida loads of times,
but I've preferred Texas like the vibe.
- Oh,
- The public streets.

The like, the way it was designed,
sort of laid out, everything felt bigger,
more space which I really like.
Which I've heard
everything's bigger in Texas.

- Okay.
- Where I've been in Florida,
everything feels quite
spaced out but then it is

spaced out in Austin, but it just-
- But you did say a lot
whilst we were there

that you were like I just
really like the vibes here.

- Yeah!
- And Joel was the one
going online and being like

I wonder how much it
would be to live here?

- Yeah!
- And like I wonder if I
could spend some time here,

or like, you were always
going like the vibe,

I just feel like, good here?
- Yeah, it was something
I can't put it into words.

- Something about the vibe?
- It was just the vibe of the place that,
I got really good vibrations
from Texas (clapping)

- Like the vibrations were lit.
- Yeah, they were seriously lit.
- And therefor, you were lit.
- I was lit.
- And as a result of that, I was lit!
- You were lit, so it was just a lit trip.
- It was so lit.
- Honestly I think there's
probably a word for that

but we just don't have it in our vocab.
- Yeah, no.
Talking about the spaced out thing,
you were saying that that
was one of your negatives?

- Yeah, I think for me I felt
like we have to take Ubers

everywhere, we have,
If you don't have a car
then you're limited,

and because we didn't get a car,
I felt like there were
some things we couldn't do.

- Yeah.
- So that's why that was
probably one of the biggest

negatives for me was like,
Oh I love it and I wanna
explore everything and,

- Mm-hmm.
- But we don't have a car and we can't.
- Yeah, and I think
that's really sad because

for people that can't
drive which I know is

probably rare in America, but in the UK
there's lots of people who can't drive,
so it's like what are you supposed to do?
- Yeah.
- I guess get Ubers.

All of you guys would be like,
just hire a car, it's
not hard just hire a car.

But we don't want to hire a car like,
- Yeah.
- We're too scared to drive
in a foreign country like,

- Yeah, yeah.
- So what are we supposed to do?
Obviously it's a skill
we want to get better at

and we want to learn to
drive and push ourselves

out of our comfort zones
in another country.

I mean we can drive, both of us in the UK.
- Yeah.
- But, driving in a foreign
country is just a bit stressful.

- It's a different deal,
other side of the road,

just all of that stuff.
- Yeah.

- It wasn't something
we wanted to go wrong.

In order to focus on making content,
and making amazing videos for the channel,
the last thing we wanted was
like, car drama, an accident.

- Yeah, where do we return
it, where do we pick it up?

Have we scratched the
car, where do we park?

How much is the parking
going to cost, like,

- All of that stuff,
- All of that
- So in a way, taking the
Ubers was a huge positive

because all of the Uber drivers we met
bar like one, were hilarious.
- Yeah.
- And so funny.

- I think next time, 'cause
when we were doing the Uber,

we wanted to then do a video
all about the Uber drivers

we met in Texas.
Because they each had a
different personality.

And I think next time, we
need to write down after the

Uber trip on notes what they were like.
- Yeah.
- And also see if we can
get a selfie with them?

- Yeah, that's such a good series!
- Just be like, sorry you were really fun,
can we get a selfie with you?
- Yeah, that would be so fun.
- And they would probably say yes,
and then we can insert it in the video.
- Yeah, look, we really ought
to do that on our next trip.

- Yeah.
- Because if we encounter
really cool Uber drivers again,

then that could be like a Uber series?
- Yeah!
- Like, the best drivers we've met,
and their stories were so good.
- Yeah.
- We just met people that,
that were very open about their

lives and they told us stories
that, like, were touching

or were just funny and,
- Yeah.
- One of them, one of the first guys,
he invited us for dinner with his wife!
He doesn't even know us!
- Yeah he didn't even know us.
We could have been murderers.
- He didn't even know the
channel or anything he was like,

oh we'd love to take you out for dinner!
- I know!
- And we were thinking well
we're about to get out of your

car, we've got no way of contacting you.
But that's so nice!
- Yeah.

- Thank you, Bye!
- Yeah, he probably thought
we were really rude,

he was probably like oh
they don't wanna have dinner

with me but it's like, can
you give us your number or?

- It's just like, it wasn't a
it didn't feel like an empty offer,
- No.
- Like it felt like he genuinely meant it.
- Yeah.
- I think he did.
- I think he did.

- But I don't know if he realized that,
how would we, without exchanging
details now and then like,

- How would we?
- How we gonna do that?

But yeah, that's a really good idea,
let us know if you want to
see a series like that on

Joel and Lia.
'Cause we've met a lot
of Uber drivers and,

- Yeah.
- And it would be so fun.
- It would be fun.

The only negative that
I have I think of Austin

in particular was the homeless problem.
I think it was worse than
I've known in London,

- Yeah.
- Which is saying something,

because it is bad in London.
- Yeah.

- I think it's terrible in Austin.
And we got told that by Laura
who picked us up as well.

- Yeah.
- Said there is a real issue
with homelessness in Austin.

- It was quite tragic.
- And we encountered it in
New York as well didn't we,

the fact that homeless people
don't seem to have as much

help than they do in the UK.
- Yes.

- It sounds bad to say but
the type of homeless person

that we've encountered in America so far,
is quite scary.
- Yeah.

- Like drugged up, on alcohol
like really terrifying.

Where as in the UK, you can
have a conversation with them,

- Yeah it's the attitudes
towards the homeless as well,

I feel like in London,
people are very much like,

we need to help the homeless,
like how can we help them?

- Yeah.
- Whereas a few people that we
spoke to in Austin were like,

don't talk to them, just
ignore them, like don't even,

don't give them money, don't-
- Do you remember that one Uber driver?
I thought she was horrible actually.
She was lovely to us but I
hated her as soon as she said

that she was just like,
oh the homeless people
it's their own fault,

they say that their
shelters they can use but,

they're not gonna use
them, it's their own fault.

It's not that simple, like
are you that cold-hearted?

- Yeah, I know, that was-
- That you think that would,
like of course they're

gonna accept shelter if that's what-
- That did trigger me as well.
- Yeah.

- Like I just thought that that was
it was weird.
- Yeah, I think we view it,
I don't know in general,

but in that case with that
woman I think we just view

addiction differently.
- Yeah.
- She was like, well
you're addicted to drugs,

you should give that up and
then you can go into the shelter

whereas we'd be like
addiction is a disease.

You can't just like, turn
that part of your brain off.

- Yeah, you can't just be like (snapping)
I'm just gonna stop now!
- Yeah.
- Like, that's not really
how addiction works is it.

- Like have some compassion.
- Yeah.
- But I think yeah,

that was the worst part of Austin for me
was the homeless people.
- Yeah.
- Not the homeless people,
the homeless problem.

- The homeless problem.
- Yeah.

- Yeah, agreed, but overall
we wanted to make this video

to just sort of share some
of the lovely things that

we encountered there.
- Let's end on a positive.
- Let's end on a positive!
- The food!
- The food!

- The donuts, the tacos,
- Did we have donuts out there?
- Gowerdough's!
- I'm sorry!

- Gourdough's,
- [Together] Gowerdoughs!
- H.E.B. what a day.
- H.E.B.

That was so great.
- That was so cool.
- When I've been watching the videos back,
I would look and I'm like wow,
we did that video, and
that video, and that video

all in one day, I'm like we had donuts,
and then we went to surprise the viewer.
- That was exhausting!
- And then we went and did
like Gowerdoughs, Gourdough's

whatever and it was like, wow.
- We actually did so much filming.
- Yeah.
- We were like, we were on a roll,
- Yeah.
- And it was actually like for
me, I'm sure for you as well,

I just love feeling that productive,
and being that productive.
It just makes me feel like
I've got so much purpose

and that I'm like doing good things,
- Yeah.
- Even though it's videos of
me and my best friend having

fun, I just, it was everything.
- Yeah, it was so good.
And I was just saying to
Lia as well that it's really

nice to have memories.
These sit down videos, we'll
look back at them maybe and

be like aw, I remember that
day weren't we going to,

'cause we're going to a
film screening later today,

be like oh wasn't that the day
we went to the film screen?

But we probably won't remember much else,
whereas watching Texas back it's like,
full on memories,
- Yeah.

Oh, that's the day we played dress up,
or that's the day that I fell
over at Wendy's and stacked it

- Yeah!
- That's the day you know,
that's the time we got on the bus

like it is really good
to have memories online.

- Yeah, it's very nice.
I'm looking forward to
our next America trip,

that'll be sick.
- Yeah definitely, once again like,
let us know in the comments
where you think we should go,

- Yeah.
- It's looking like July time.
There might be one sooner, but we'll see.
- Yeah. Well if you
enjoyed this video guys,

don't forget to give it
a like and subscribe,

(bell dinging)
We post videos
- [Together] Thrice weekly.
- And if you've never
seen the Texas series,

but you've just found us from this video,
- Yeah.
- Then we will link the playlist,
the entire Texas series
playlist in our end card.

You can go and watch
that and we'll leave it

in the description as well.
- Go and have a watch.
And just before we leave,
what was your favorite
video from the Texas series?

- Ah, my favorite video was,
I quite like Gourdough's,
- Yeah that was a good one.
- I just think it was
because I was quite drunk.

- What was my favorite video?
- I loved the the day at H.E.B. as well.
- The day at H.E.B. was fantastic,
- Oh, shooting, well that was intense.
- The shooting was intense, that was,
but I did enjoy that day.
- How about the day that
we're are the phones in the

english breakfast, and then we go there-
- Yeah, that was-
- English tea.
- That was fun.

- There's so many!
- There's so many, there's
so many good videos.

I don't know, I'll think of
it as soon as we turn the

camera off, I'll be like-
- [Together] That was my favorite video.
But the most popular one was
Brit's trying Texas Barbeque

but I didn't think that
was our best video.

- [Together] Nevermind!
- Anyway, we've just said the outro's so,
- Yeah.
- [Together] There you go.

- We'll see you next time.
- Bye guys!
- Bye!

(electronic music)
- [Joel] We need to go back to Texas.
- [Lia] I know, we need to do Fort Worth,
- [Joel] Yeah, Huston,

- [Lia] And then maybe another
little trip to San Antonio,

because we, we didn't
spend enough time there.

- [Joel] Yeah, we didn't and
we want another margarita

- [Lia] In that same-

- [Joel] By the river.

- [Lia] Filth by the river.


喜歡和不喜歡德州 (Things We LOVED and HATED About Texas!)

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