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  • Apple products are the best, and they're very user-friendly!


  • When you hear your friends make that statement, do you ever question it?


  • Even though you disagree, you keep your mouth shut because you don't want to be an outcast.


  • That's conformity.


  • When conformity within a group leads to dangerous results, it's called "groupthink."


  • There are 8 symptoms of groupthink, which we can see on these 3 budding entrepreneurs.

    團體迷思共有 8 種症狀,我們可從以下 3 位初露頭角的創業家對話中觀察到。

  • Dave, Frank, and Sylvia are planning to launch a startup which sells "used tissues" online.

    Dave、Frank 和 Sylvia 正計畫要開一間新創公司,在網路上販賣「用過的衛生紙」。

  • You and I, we both know that's the lamest idea ever.


  • But, sometimes things play out differently, when group dynamics are involved.


  • Here's a sneak peek.


  • Dave says, "We should start selling used tissues!"

    Dave 說:「我們應該開始賣用過的衛生紙!」

  • "No one has done that yet, and if anyone can do it, it has to be us."


  • That's "illusion of invulnerability."


  • Then Frank says, "I know, right? No one is as smart as us to have thought about this killer concept."

    Frank 接著說:「我同意!沒有人能像我們一樣聰明,想到這個了不起的創意。」

  • This is "stereotyping" others.


  • Silently, Sylvia thinks, "Yes, 'cause it's a stupid idea!"

    Sylvia 默默想著:「對啊,因為這是愚蠢至極的點子!」

  • But she doesn't say it, which is "self-censorship."

    不過 Sylvia 卻沒說出來,這是「自我審查」。

  • Then Dave says, "Sylvia, you agree, right? You seem so excited!"

    接著 Dave 說:「Sylvia,你也同意,對吧?妳看起來超興奮的!」

  • That's "illusion of unanimity."


  • Sylvia finally says, "Um, used tissues, you guys? Seriously? What about the germs? Ew!"

    Sylvia 終於說出:「使用過的衛生紙?這是認真的嗎?你們考慮到細菌嗎?好噁心!」

  • But Dave counters, "What germs? We are selling sentiments here."

    但 Dave 反駁:「什麼細菌啊?我們賣的是溫情。」

  • "Used tissues have a history, and you gotta respect the sentimentality."


  • That's "unquestioned belief."


  • Frank reassures, "I'm sure Sylvia agrees that selling used tissues is a brilliant idea!"

    Frank 為了打消疑慮而說:「我相信 Sylvia 也同意販售用過的衛生紙是個絕佳點子!」

  • "She just doesn't know it yet."


  • This is "direct pressure."


  • Sylvia shrugs, saying, "Yeah, I guess."

    Sylvia 聳聳肩說:「對,我想你說得對。」

  • "Maybe we can launch 'tissues for issues' and make it a noble-cause specific project."


  • Which is "rationalizing."


  • "We'll have to test it, though."


  • "No tests. We are going to launch a Kickstarter Campaign! We are going to be huge," says Dave.

    Dave 說:「不用測試啦!我們直接上 Kickstarter 募資吧!我們會紅翻天的!」

  • He's being a "mindguard," which is a person who prevents dissent.


  • And, thus, the 3 fools launched a "used tissues" business.

    於是,這 3 個傻子就開始做起了「用過的衛生紙」生意。

  • Now that you know the symptoms of groupthink, leave us a comment below, and tell us if you have ever been a part of groupthink, knowingly, or unknowingly.


Apple products are the best, and they're very user-friendly!


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