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  • I'm Zak the Baker.

    我是烘焙師 Zak。

  • My interest in bread-baking came from a general fascination of life's most basic food processes.


  • Now, I'm searching to find the craftsman of the modern day, the ones who have dedicated their lives to caring on the timeless traditions that make the world rich.


  • So part of the journey of trying to find out what an artisan is in the modern day is to understand how people are becoming artisans in the modern day.


  • We're here in Bologna at Gelato University.

    我們在波隆納的 Gelato University。

  • Let's check it out.


  • 50-60 years ago, the old gelateries, they were working by trying.

    五六十年前,過去做 Gelato 的工廠,他們一邊嘗試一邊製作。

  • Now, we are lucky because we know what's going on.


  • When you know why, when you know how to move, you can do something amazing, while still remaining artisanal.


  • My name is Stefano Tarquinio, and I'm a gelaterie from Carpigiani Gelato University.

    我叫 Stefano Tarquinio,而我是一位來自 Carpigiani Gelato 大學的 gelato 師傅。

  • First of all, gelato and ice cream not the same thing.

    首先,gelato 和冰淇淋是不一樣的東西。

  • Gelato has less fat, less air, and served at a higher temperature.

    Gelato 的脂肪含量較少、空氣含量較少,且在較高的溫度仍能保存。

  • All of which contribute to gelato's signature soft, silky, elastic texture.

    這些都賦予 gelato 具指標性的柔軟、如絲綢般、可延展的質地。

  • Secondly, gelato is not some chic new trendy European version of ice cream, its roots are ancient, 3000 BC ancient!

    第二,gelato 並非歐洲版的新時髦品種冰淇淋,它有著古老的根源,追溯到西元前三千年!

  • Minor advancements were made by Sicilian fishermen with salt and temperature control, but the process was largely unchanged until the 1800s.


  • Making gelato before the 1800s was a physically exhausting process, taking up to four people to hand churn a single batch.

    在十九世紀前,製作 gelato 的流程非常費力,每一桶都需要四個人手動攪拌器攪動。

  • Now some purists might say that these were gelato's glory days, romanticizing the hand churning.

    現在一些純粹主義者可能會說那些日子是 gelato 的光榮時光,浪漫化手動攪拌的製程。

  • But the consequence of all this intense labor made gelato an expensive delicacy for the rich, out of reach to most.

    然而這費力費時的結果讓 gelato 成為一種有錢人的昂貴美食,大部分的人都吃不到。

  • Once the first motorized batch freezer hit the market in the early 1900s, the production never looked back.


  • Fast forward to the 1940s when Bruto Carpigiani began to design the modern gelato machine.

    製作流程不斷演進到1940年代, 當時 Bruto Carpigiani 開始設計現代版的 gelato 製造機。

  • So fast, so efficient, so seemingly easy, but it begs the question: is the gelato maker an artisan even with all these incredible technological advancements?

    超快速、超有效率、看起來超級簡單,但它導向了一個問題:當科技有驚人地進步後,gelato 師傅還稱得上是工匠嗎?

  • The key, of course, if you want to make something good, is use fresh ingredients.

    關鍵是,當然,如果你想製作出品質好的 gelato,就要用新鮮的材料。

  • This is a class actually we have here in Italy because we are full of very good ingredients.


  • As you can see here we have fresh fruit, very good quality milk, from specific types of cows we have in this area.


  • So what we are going to have is something great because of the raw materials we are using here.


  • This is the role of the artisan, to select the good ingredients, to understand, to feel the good ingredients, in order to extract all the goodness, to give something amazing at the end.


  • Carpigiani, the Gelato University, was certainly an interesting experience, I've never quite seen anything like it.

    Carpigiani,Gelato 大學,絕對是一個很有趣的體驗,我從來沒有看過像這樣的東西。

  • And I think its really relevant today because here is how craftsmanship has evolved into the modern day, and technology has a lot to do with this one.


  • Right now, actually we have the technology on our side, so you can still work in an artisanal way, but using the technology on your side.


  • It doesn't feel very artisanal to me right now.


  • It feels like we're just dumping ingredients into a machine.


  • I mean I'll give you an example to understand. Sure.


  • If I make custard on a pan, or if I'm using a machine to make the custard, it still remains my recipe, it still remains my ingredients, it still remains what I want actually.


  • So I use the technology, but it still remains mine.


  • It's delicious. It's great.


  • Not bad at all.


  • You can have the most wonderful machine, but if you're not there to make the adjustments that the quality of the product is really going to be noticed.


  • So the question is, is technology getting so advanced that it pushes out the artisan, or is there a way to integrate good technology with the actual artisan and still get an artisanal product?


  • And I think we're trying to figure that out.


I'm Zak the Baker.

我是烘焙師 Zak。

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