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Ah, what would you do without that ever so important cup of morning java to start your
jam packed day?
Do you prefer latte or black coffee?
Are you kind, or is there is a chance that you are actually borderline crazy?
Forget about fortune telling tea; here's what your choice of coffee could actually
reveal about your personality.
Sources out there are claiming that people who prefer milky or sugary coffee tend to
be more 'agreeable', while those who enjoy plain black coffee show signs of being slightly
That's right.
Some of you might want to be careful about letting that cute barista take your order
too often.
He or she might know more about you than you know about yourself.
Just ask Lachlan Ward, a barista from Melbourne Australia, who claims that he has found links
between people's choice of coffee orders and their personalities.
He believes that those who enjoy a smooth milky latte are usually more approachable
because they're laid back.
This also means they could be a bit of a “gullible pushover”; his words, not mine…
According to Ward, cappuccino drinkers could have “obsessive personalities” while being
“considerate” at the same time.
I really need to take a closer look at myself…
He also thinks piccolo drinkers enjoy most things in small quantities, you know, since
they like their coffee that way.
They can be kind with a hint of extreme competitiveness.
Perhaps it's time to cut back on some of that daily intake of caffeine.
On the other hand, he says those who prefer strong black coffee are probably workaholics
who tend to be “stubborn, opinionated and argumentative”.
Ok, I know everyone has good and bad qualities but who does this guy think he is?
Is that what you're thinking right now?
If the word of a professional coffee server isn't enough, perhaps scientific research
will convince you.
Oh yes, there have actually been studies conducted to draw a connection between your personality
traits and what you like to eat and drink.
And apparently the Aussie coffee man is not far off the mark.
In 2015, at the University of Innsbruck, around 1000 adults were asked to complete a survey
in order to determine their preferred flavors in food and drink.
They were also asked to participate in several personality tests, which led to the finding
of a link between someone's taste and character.
Now before we get into the science of it all, do people really like coffee so much that
it could be part of their persona?
Well, here are a few freaky statistics for you: In 2017 alone, the coffee market claimed
around 18 billion dollars; and the average coffee drinker consumes about three cups daily;
these 'coffee drinkers' include roughly 50% of Americans, and that means in the United
States alone there are around 150 million people who regularly drink expresso, cappuccino,
latte or any kind of coffee.
And it's only eighth in the world for highest coffee consumption per person.
So yes, coffee is kind of a big deal, and so is your choice thereof.
So maybe it's time to disguise yourself and use a fake name the next time you step
into your nearest Starbucks; especially if you enjoy a strong coffee with no milk.
Yeah, sorry black coffee drinkers.
As it turns out, that study actually coincides with the Australian barista's theory that
you could be a tad more aggressive than those kind-hearted milk lovers.
The fact that you enjoy a strong bitter taste could mean that you have antisocial tendencies.
In short: you might be crazy and you are showing it to the whole world every time you refuse
to add some milky goodness to your daily dose of caffeine.
Clinical psychologist, Dr. Ramani Durvasula conducted a study of her own by observing
1000 coffee drinkers, and she too found a strong link between the choice of beverage
and the person's mannerisms.
According to Dr. Durvasula, latte drinkers are more generous and will do a lot to help
It's not all good news latte lovers; you too have a dark side that comes with your
white coffee.
She also found that latte drinkers often spend so much time pleasing others that they often
let themselves go and get worn out.
The comfort drink could also indicate that they are seeking comfort in all aspects of
their lives.
Sounds familiar, the pattern is definitely there…
She too found that those who prefer milk free tend to more moody and dismissive, as well
as reluctant to embrace change.
Let's not forget those who prefer to keep it cool with their frozen coffee blends.
There are a few pros and cons about your order as well.
The psychologist thinks you could be labelled a “trendsetter” and that you have a spontaneous
personality; however, your juvenile spirit also means you could be quite irresponsible
and a little gullible.
If you think you're safe from judgement since you prefer instant coffee that you can
brew in the comfort of your own home, think again.
The barista has you labeled as “quite clever and savvy” since you can probably make a
great tasting coffee at a fraction of the price of what others pay at cafés.
Even Dr. Durvasula thinks that if you prefer instant coffee, you are probably laid back
and not too bothered by the fact that people make fun of you for liking the so called 'cheap
But even these coffee drinkers can come across as perhaps too sloppy and careless, and lack
preparation skills.
Now it's time to dig in to those 'special order' coffee drinkers, you know, those
friends with orders that you can't seem to remember because it's such a mouthful;
half-and-half, decaf, soy, skinny.
Yeah, you know who you are.
It could be that these trendy coffee drinkers actually like the drink or they are trying
to live a healthier lifestyle.
Heck, they could even be lactose intolerant.
Unfortunately, this could also indicate a tendency to be a bit controlling and over
Heck, in some cases it's just plain pretentious.
And according to research, you tend to get stressed a little easier.
But hey, it sounds pretty cool when you place that order, so let the haters hate!
Go be a healthy perfectionist and stop worrying so much.
Take a page from the instant coffee lovers.
So whether the source is someone who serves coffee for a living, an official university
research study, or an actual doctor of psychology, the conclusion is the same: If you drink black
coffee, you are probably a little crazy.
But then again, aren't we all?
You could also be the exception to the rule.
In that case, get out there and prove science wrong!
At the same time, let's not completely dismiss the research just yet; and maybe keep an eye
on your next blind date's coffee order.
I mean, it can't hurt to be careful, right?
And throw your date's conclusions under the bus by ordering something completely contrary
to your personality.
It's not fair for someone to label you that quick, so make them work for it!
Now the good news!
Black coffee drinkers may have a lot of traits that scream crazy, but they're also the
ones that get things done and keep it simple.
So you can walk into that café, order proudly, and tell that barista that even though you
seem like someone who is an aggressive OCD coocoo, you are also independent and efficient,
unlike the needy pushovers with their milk ridden hot drinks.
Even the barista said black coffee drinkers are probably the last to leave the office,
so it could count as a major plus on your resume!
Looking at the research, it seems almost all coffee drinkers have a little bit of a crazy
edge anyway.
How do you like your coffee; pure black crazy style or lovable latte?
Don't worry, we won't judge!
Like our video and share with your coffee loving friends.
Sound off in the comments and let's get the kettle ready for some deep talk.
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如果你愛喝黑咖啡,科學家有驚人消息要和你說! (If You Like Black Coffee, Scientists Have Surprising News for You)

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