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  • Hey there!


  • Welcome to Life Noggin!

    歡迎來到 Life Noggin!

  • It's a bird!


  • It's a plane!


  • No, it's a plane!


  • Got it!


  • Figured it out!


  • Airplanes are pretty amazing if you think about it.


  • In just a few hours, a giant metal bird can transport you across entire continents.


  • But anyone who's traveled by plane knows it comes with many downsides.


  • Cramped leg room, babies crying, germs, bad WIFI

    狹小的座位空間、嬰兒哭鬧、一堆細菌、WIFI 訊號不好...

  • But, while it's not something I would want to do for a long period of time, there are flights that last almost an entire day.


  • Begging the question: what would one of these flights do to your body?


  • While most flights take only about 2 hours, the number of long-haul flights lasting over 12 hours is growing.

    雖然大部分的航程只需兩小時,但飛行時間超過 12 小時的長途飛行班次日漸增加。

  • And recently, engineers have built a plane able to stay in the air for 20 hours non-stop.

    最近,工程師建造了一款可以在空中飛行 20 小時且不間斷的飛機。

  • And a new flight has gotten close to this limit.


  • In October 2018, passengers on-board Singapore Airlines flight SQ21 from Newark, New Jersey to Singapore made history by participating in the longest non-stop flight ever recorded, clocking in at about 18 hours and 45 minutes.

    在 2018 年 10 月,新加坡航空班次 SQ21 從紐瓦克紐澤西出發,飛往新加坡的班次創下史上最久的直飛班機飛行時間,飛行紀錄約為 18 小時 45 分鐘。

  • But sitting on a plane for that long has to come with some consequences.


  • While major medical issues are not common on typical flights, some aspects of the airplane environment can have a negative effect on health, especially on longer flights.


  • For instance, cabin pressure, oxygen saturation and vibrations can cause nausea.


  • And the lack of humidity measured on long-haul flights, often less than the set standard, can result in dry eyes, throat, and skin.


  • One 2005 study found that the oxygen levels were also insufficient, measuring levels that would normally prompt doctors to administer supplemental oxygen.

    一項 2005 年的研究發現含氧量不足,測量出的含氧量在正常情況下會使醫生施用氧氣輔助器。

  • Remember the cramped leg room?


  • Well, it turns out that sitting for long periods of time can cause blood clots in your legs and swelling.


  • Long flights have also been found to increase the risk of blood clots in the lungs, possibly due to mild dehydration.


  • And if that doesn't deter you from flying, wait until you hear about the radiation!


  • Since you are at a higher altitude where the air is thinner, you are more exposed to the cosmic radiation coming from the sun.


  • And your exposure amount increases depending on how high you are, how long the flight is, and how far away you are from the equator.


  • Some studies have even raised concerns about the effects of radiation on individuals taking long-haul flights, especially aircraft crew members.


  • In 2000, researchers at the Institute for Protection and Nuclear Safety measured average radiation doses on flights lasting over 3 hours ranged from 3 microsievert per hour to nearly 10 microsievert an hour, depending on the latitude in which the plane was flying.

    在 2000 年,輻射與核能安全保護機構測量了飛行時間超過 3 小時的平均輻射劑量,結果介在 3 微西弗至將近 10 微西弗之間,飛機在不同緯度會有不同的輻射劑量。

  • Because these numbers are above the recommended limit of 1 microsievert a year set by the International Coalition of Radiological Protection,

    這些數字高於國際公民輻射防護聯盟所建議的,一年不超過 1 微西弗。

  • the study's authors urge airlines to record radiation doses for each crew member and assess their exposure.


  • I don't know about you, but I think I'm just gonna stick to road trips for a while, or teleportation because I can do that.


  • This is the animation world.


  • So do you like flying?


  • Or do you have a fear of it?


  • Would you ever take a long flight like this?


  • Let me know in the comment section below.


  • Curious to know how you might be able survive a plane crash?


  • Check out this video.


  • Before a new aircraft ever leaves the ground, manufacturers put the model through tons of tests that look at things


  • like extreme heat and cold, high winds, excess water, ice, and lightning strikes.


  • As always, my name is Blocko, this has been Life Noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking.

    一樣地,我是 Blocko,這裡是 Life Noggin,不要忘記繼續思考喔!

Hey there!


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