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  • (gentle piano music)

  • - I'm the first woman to graduate with a Doctorate

  • from Julliard, and now I play the toy piano.

  • Life works in mysterious ways.

  • (gentle piano music)

  • I have transformed the toy piano into a real instrument.

  • To play the toy piano well, you have to practice on it

  • every bit as hard as you would on a normal piano.

  • In fact, I think you have to work even harder,

  • because the action is so primitive.

  • You can make it sound beautiful.

  • You can make it sound convincing.

  • It's a bit like going down the rabbit hole

  • and taking your audience with you way back

  • down this avenue

  • to your childhood days.

  • (dramatic piano music)

  • (horns honking and squeaking)

  • (audience laughs)

  • Once a skeptical person comes to a toy piano concert

  • that I give, I'm able to turn 'em around.

  • (applause)

  • It's a whole extended family now of people into toy pianos.

  • It's a fearless little band who are willing to

  • stick their necks out for toys.

  • (gentle piano music)

  • (delicate jingling)

(gentle piano music)


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A2 初級 美國腔

玩具鋼琴演奏家 (The Toy Piano Virtuoso)

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