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  • Why the Netherlands is the tulip capital of the world.


  • Every spring, both visitors and residents flock to the Dutch countryside to witness the bloom of tulips.


  • From more than 10,000 visitors on National Tulip Day in Amsterdam to hundreds of fields lining the country roads, tulips are a staple in the country and the national flower.

    阿姆斯特丹的荷蘭鬱金香節吸引超過一萬名遊客 、上百座花田排排列於鄉村小徑,鬱金香不僅是荷蘭的主要產品,也是他們的國花。

  • But the tulip has a very particular history with the Netherlands.


  • Said to have originated in Turkey and Persia, tulips were imported into Holland in the 16th century.

    鬱金香起源於土耳其、波斯一帶,在 16 世紀才被引進荷蘭。

  • They became popular throughout festivals and in paintings.


  • Legend says that it became so popular in the 17th century.

    傳說中鬱金香在 17 世紀廣受喜愛。

  • It created an economic bubble known as tulip mania where a single tulip bulb cost more than a house.


  • The buying and selling of tulip bulbs became so expensive that the market eventually crashed.


  • Though historians differ on the extremity and accuracy of the legend, tulips still remain an important chapter in the Netherlands' history.


  • Here are just a few places in the Netherlands that you can find these colorful flowers.


  • Every year, Amsterdam hosts National Tulip Day in Dam Square where more than 10,000 people come to celebrate the beginning of tulip season.


  • Around 200,000 tulips cover the square and are available for picking.

    水壩廣場大約會有 20 萬株鬱金香,而且可以供人們摘採。

  • National Tulip Day is held on the third Saturday of January each year.


  • Keukenhof, one of the largest flower gardens in the world, is home to more than 7 million flower bulbs and is most known for the Dutch tulip.

    庫肯霍夫以鬱金香聞名,它是其中一個世界上最大的花園,也是 700 萬株球莖的種植地。

  • There are around 800 varieties of tulips within the garden.

    在花園內有大約 800 種不同品種的鬱金香。

  • It is only open during the spring for prime flower viewing.


  • Outside of the garden, visitors can explore the rows of tulip fields in Lisse by renting a bike.


  • Hundreds more tulip fields sit on the countryside in an area known as the Bulb Region.

    Bulb Region 的上百座鬱金香花田坐落於荷蘭鄉村。

  • It consists of the flower strip, which stretches for miles between the towns of Haarlem and Leiden.


  • This seaside town is popular for its variety of flower fields that begin blooming in late March through the second week of May.


  • Once an area completely underwater, Noordoostpolder is now a thriving part of the country with one of the largest flower bulb areas in the Flevoland region.


  • Travel by car as you enjoy over 60 miles of colorful, vibrant tulip fields.

    乘著車,享受綿延 60 英里,繽紛又生意盎然的鬱金香花田。

  • When visiting the tulips, remember to check when certain fields are blooming and to be considerate of where you're stepping.


Why the Netherlands is the tulip capital of the world.


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走訪荷蘭:世界上最美的鬱金香花園! (Why The Netherlands Is The Tulip Capital Of The World)

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