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  • Topic: Concave Mirror.

  • Why is your reflection upside down on a spoon?

  • Wow.

  • Looks like you are getting ready to go for a party.

  • Why don't you stand here and then look into the spoon?

  • Don't worry.

  • Your image appeared upside down because of the inward curve of the spoon.

  • The surface of the spoon which is curved inwards acts like a concave mirror.

  • You look confused.

  • Let me explain.

  • A concave mirror is a mirror whose reflecting surface is curved inwards.

  • Being curved inwards, it reflects or bounces back the light rays in a different manner.

  • When you see yourself in a spoon which is like a concave mirror.

  • The light rays from your face fall on the top of the spoon and get reflected downwards.

  • While, the light rays from your feet fall on the bottom of the spoon and get reflected upwards.

  • As a result, you see yourself upside down.

  • Now, the point where all these light rays meet is called the focal point.

  • When you stand beyond this point, only then will you be able to see an inverted image of yourself.

  • However, if you stand before the focal point, the image will look upright.

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凹面鏡--為什麼你的倒影會倒在勺子上?| 凹面鏡 (Concave Mirror - Why is your reflection upside down on a spoon? | #aumsum)

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