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  • What causes brain freeze?

  • An empty wallet.

  • No.

  • Brain freeze or ice cream headache is a short term headache.

  • Scientifically, it is called sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

  • What a complicated name.

  • Indeed.

  • In the back of our throat, there are two main arteries.

  • They are internal carotid artery and anterior cerebral artery.

  • They supply blood to the entire brain.

  • Now, when we have cold foods such as an ice cream or a cold beverage rapidly.

  • The temperature in our throat drops suddenly.

  • This causes the two arteries which are supplying blood to the brain to contract quickly.

  • As there is a sudden change in the blood flow, it results in a type of headache called a brain freeze.

  • It is the brain's way of telling us to slow down and have that ice cream or cold beverage slowly.

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