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Uh oh. You lost a client.
Missed a deadline.
Hired the wrong person.
Mistakes happen, you're human.
But you might also be an unemployed human if you don't immediately deploy three tactics to help you survive a screw up.
First, you have to own it.
The minute you start playing the blame game, you look small.
You look defensive.
Even if you aren't the only author of the mistake, and you probably aren't, you still have to take responsibility with your boss, colleagues and subordinates.
This is how we demonstrate that we're grown ups.
That we get it.
And that we feel remorse.
People need to see those things to give you what you need to move on.
Which is a second chance.
Next, get to the bottom of your mistake.
An executive I know didn't get a promotion, so he walked into his boss's office, shut the door and asked for an autopsy.
That has to be you.
You have to ask people: "Where did I go wrong?"
"What can I learn?"
Done right, this process will definitely take you out of your comfort zone.
But it's also going to show your organization that you have the guts and integrity to grow in ways that ensure your error will never happen again.
Finally, you've got to rebrand yourself quickly with a win.
Truth: you've got a scarlet L on your shoulder. Loser.
And if you want it off fast, no one will do that for you.
So come up with an achievable victory.
A project, an initiative, an assignment, something with good optics that you can nail.
Then, go nail it.
Look, everybody screws up sometimes.
But one mistake isn't the end of the game for you unless you let it be.
There are three ways back to the winner's circle.
Grab them and run.



天哪我搞砸了!3 步驟挽救你的職場錯誤 (Suzy Welch: 3 Things You Should Do When You Screw Up At Work)

437 分類 收藏
Jessieeee 發佈於 2019 年 4 月 17 日    Jessieeee 翻譯    Winnie Liao 審核
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