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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • Why do strawberries have seeds on the outside?

  • Coz seeds feel hot inside.

  • No.

  • First of all, a fruit is formed from a flower.

  • A flower consists of ovary, ovule, petals, sepals, stamens, etc.

  • Most of these parts are attached to receptacle.

  • Now, usually after fertilization, the ovule forms a seed and the ovary swells to form a fruit.

  • Whereas, the remaining parts of the flower fall off.

  • Now, a strawberry flower has multiple ovaries.

  • When fetilization occurs, all the ovaries form fruits but they don't swell.

  • Instead, the receptacle of the strawberry flower swells to form the red edible part of the strawberry.

  • The tiny fruits get embedded on the surface of the enlarged receptacle.

  • While, the remaining parts fall off.

  • Thus, the seeds on the outside of the strawberry are actually tiny fruits, each of which contains a seed.

It's AumSum Time.


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為什麼草莓外面有種子?| 草莓 (Why do strawberries have seeds on the outside? | #aumsum)

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