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  • Topic: Bad Conductors of Heat.

  • Why are two thin blankets warmer than one thick blanket?

  • Because two chocolates are better than one.

  • No.

  • To understand this, we need to first learn about bad conductors of heat.

  • Bad conductors of heat are the materials which do not allow heat to easily flow through them.

  • Air, wood and glass are some examples of bad conductors of heat.

  • In these examples, is our train conductor included as well?

  • Just listen.

  • A thick blanket allows much of our body heat to escape into the atmosphere.

  • However, when we use two blankets one on top of the other, air gets trapped between them.

  • This air being a bad conductor of heat.

  • Does not allow our body heat to easily flow into the atmosphere, thus keeping us warm.

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