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  • Our topic for today is Simple Distillation.

  • The process of heating a liquid mixture to form vapor and then cooling that vapor to get a liquid is called simple distillation.

  • Distillation is used to purify a liquid by separating the components of a liquid mixture.

  • Let us perform an activity to understand Simple Distillation.

  • Take a mixture of acetone and water in a distillation flask.

  • Put a thermometer in it.

  • Connect the flask to a water condenser.

  • The condenser has cold water running through its jacket to keep the temperature cool.

  • Keep a beaker at the outlet of the condenser.

  • Heat the mixture, keeping an eye on the thermometer.

  • When temperature hits 56 degrees celsius, acetone starts to vaporize.

  • These vapors condense in the water condenser.

  • The condensed acetone gets collected in the beaker.

  • When all the acetone vaporizes, water is left in the flask, acetone is collected in the beaker.

  • In this way, acetone and water get separated by simple distillation.

  • Boiling point of water is 100 degrees celsius.

  • Boiling point of acetone is 56 degrees celsius.

  • As there is sufficient difference between their boiling points, these components can be separated by simple distillation.

  • Simple distillation does not work properly when difference between 2 boiling points is less than 25 degrees celsius.

  • This is because the components do not get separated and purified completely.

  • If we repeat this process multiple times, we will be able to separate these 2 components.

  • However, as this is very time consuming, a special type of distillation called fractional distillation is used.

Our topic for today is Simple Distillation.


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