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  • What makes tattoos permanent?

  • Glue sticks.

  • No.

  • Our skin has three layers, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

  • Epidermis sheds thousands of skin cells every day.

  • Hence, when we get a tattoo.

  • The tattoo needles which are coated with colored pigment.

  • Are inserted through the epidermis into the dermis.

  • Thus, preventing the tattoo pigment from getting shed away.

  • However, it is mainly our body's immune response which makes tattoos permanent.

  • What?

  • But how?

  • The tattoo needles create wounds in the skin, activating the immune response.

  • Immune cells like macrophages.

  • Reach the wounded site and start to eat the small particles of colored pigment and clean the area.

  • Bigger pigment particles that cannot be eaten by macrophages.

  • Are absorbed by fibroblasts present in the dermis.

  • These fibroblasts along with some macrophages remain at the site making the tattoo permanent.

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是什麼讓紋身成為永久的?| 紋身是什麼? (What makes tattoos permanent? | #aumsum)

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