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  • Smart Learning for All.

  • Life Cycle of a Frog.

  • Hey, stop.

  • Do not harm my babies.

  • Stop it.

  • Let us study about the eggs.

  • A female frog lays hundreds of eggs, after which the male fertilizes them.

  • Some of these eggs get destroyed on exposure to wind and rainfall.

  • Therefore, out of hundreds of eggs, only a few get fertilized.

  • A layer of jelly holds the eggs together and provides protection to the eggs.

  • This whole mass of fertilized eggs in the jelly is called a spawn.

  • Thanks for the information.

  • Please come back after few weeks.

  • Few weeks later.

  • Hi, how are you?

  • Hi, you are just in time.

  • The eggs are about to hatch.

  • After a few days, the tadpole hatch out of the egg.

  • It feeds on the yolk of the egg from which it hatches.

  • After a few days.

  • External gills appear.

  • Wow.

  • Tail elongates.

  • Wow, my tail has increased.

  • Fins develop.

  • After a few weeks.

  • External gills disappear.

  • Where did my gills go?

  • Tadpole develops hind limbs.

  • Yes, I have got hind limbs.

  • What is happening to me?

  • After a few days, a tadpole.

  • Develops into a froglet.

  • Wow. I feel like a grown up.

  • Develops forelimbs.

  • This is so amazing.

  • Develops lungs for breathing.

  • Final stage.

  • Tail becomes smaller and finally disappears.

  • Where did my tail go?

  • Frog enters the adult stage.

  • Hey, congrats. You are an adult now.

  • Thank you.

  • Now, you know all about a frog's life cycle.

  • Fertilized egg.

  • Early tadpole.

  • Tadpole with gills and fins.

  • Tadpole with hind limbs.

  • Froglet.

  • Froglet with reduced tail.

  • Adult frog.

  • The End.

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Smart Learning for All.


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