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  • Topic: Earthing.

  • Why do buildings have lightning rods?

  • I know.

  • They are used to dry clothes.

  • No.

  • They are used for earthing.

  • Earthing means digging the earth, right?

  • No.

  • Earthing is the process of transferring charge from a charged object to the earth.

  • It is done with the help of this lightning rod.

  • A lightning rod is a metal rod whose lower end is fixed to a copper plate.

  • Buried deep in the earth while upper end has spikes.

  • But why is it called a lightning rod?

  • This is because it protects us from lightning.

  • Lightning is a flow of massive charge.

  • It can damage an entire building and harm the people living in it.

  • Hence, to protect them.

  • The lightning rod transfers the massive charge from the lightning to the earth safely.

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