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  • Is antibacterial soap bad for you?

  • No.

  • It is not at all bad.

  • As usual.

  • You are wrong.

  • Antibacterial soaps claim that they destroy or remove more germs or bacteria as compared to regular soaps.

  • However, this is not completely true.

  • Antibacterial soaps contain various chemicals such as triclosan.

  • Triclocarban that actually don't do any benefit, but instead they harm us.

  • Stop bluffing.

  • Please listen.

  • Long term exposure to triclosan can create antibiotic resistant bacteria or super bacteria.

  • How is that possible?

  • When we use antibacterial soaps that contain triclosan, it may kill most of the bacteria present on our body.

  • But the remaining ones that survived could divide and pass on the resistance to other bacteria.

  • Thus creating super bacteria which are more difficult to kill.

  • Besides this, as triclosan penetrates the skin, it can also cause various health problems.

  • Hence, it is advised to use regular soaps.

Is antibacterial soap bad for you?


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