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  • Why don't spiders stick to their webs?

  • I don't know.

  • Usually, a spider's web is made up of silk threads which are covered with droplets of glue.

  • This glue makes the threads sticky.

  • Now, when an insect flies through the web, the insect normally gets stuck to the sticky threads.

  • But, a spider does not get stuck because its legs have tiny hair like structures called setae.

  • When a spider walks on a sticky thread.

  • The setae gets stuck onto the thread helping the spider to get grip and support to walk.

  • Now as the point of contact is very less, the glue has very less surface area to stick.

  • Hence, the spider easily pulls its legs without sticking.

  • Besides this, a research suggests that certain spider's legs are covered with a special chemical coating.

  • This coating also helps the legs from sticking to the glue.

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