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  • Topic: Chapped lips.

  • What causes chapped lips?

  • Making weird faces.

  • No.

  • Our lips are very sensitive.

  • This is because the outermost layer of our skin called stratum corneum is much thinner on our lips than on any other body parts.

  • As it is thinner, the blood vessels inside them are more prominent making our lips appear reddish or pinkish.

  • Besides this, the skin on our lips doesn't have oil and sweat glands which secrete substances to moisturize the lips.

  • Hence, our lips have very less moisture.

  • Now, usually during cold months, as the air has less moisture, the moisture from our lips evaporates causing them to get dry and chapped.

  • So to provide moisture, we can lick our lips and apply saliva.

  • No.

  • Saliva draws more moisture and heat from our lips and evaporates, thus leaving our lips more drier than before and thus, making the condition worse.

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什麼原因導致嘴脣皸裂?| 脣膏 (What causes chapped lips? | #aumsum)

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