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Hey guys, what's going on.
This is Tripp from TrippAdvice.com and I'm coming to you from Paris, France.
Check it out, Eiffel Tower is right behind me.
So here I am in Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world.
And I thought, how appropriate to do a video on how to be charming.
So today, I'm going to give you my simple formula for charm and it goes just like this.
Charm is composed of three different areas.
When you want to be charming with a girl, you need body language, tonality and flirting.
Those are three components to be your most charming self.
So let's dig deep into that.
So first one is flirting.
Now I have a lot of videos on my channel about flirting and I'm gonna pop them up bringing the videos here so you can go to other videos to learn about flirting.
But I'll give you a little bit of a breakdown on what flirting is and why it's important.
So flirting is the mating dance between you and another girl.
This is going to be things like teasing her a little bit, you know, showing her your intentions, things like touching her to show her that you're interested.
Flirting is letting her know that you like her and that's a big part on being charming.
So if you want more information on how to be flirtatious and how to flirt with a girl.
Again, check out these videos, I'm putting right on the screen and it'll teach you exactly how to do that.
But there's more to it than just flirting.
When you want to be charming, it's all about your body language and your tonality.
In terms of body language and being charming, it's all going to have to do with the way that you look at a girl, the way that you smile at her.
So I even have another video that I shall put up here that talks about the secrets to get powerful attraction with a girl and it's the look of desire.
It's the way that you look at her.
It's the way that you kind of hold that grin.
It's the way that you almost squint your eyes as you're looking at her like you lust after her, like you like her.
That is going to be the charming look, and you use that while you flirt with her.
And number three, the formula for charm, you want to make sure you the proper tonality, the way you talk with her.
You don't want to sound robotic.
You don't want to be too soft.
You want to be very confident in the way that you project your voice.
So for example, I always tell guys you want to use your intentions when you're talking to a girl, and that's a good way to flirt.
So you can be charming with this.
So for example, if I tell a girl that she looks adorable, there's different ways I can say that.
I can only say "Oh, you look adorable."
"You look adorable." Right?
That's very bland, that's very one-sided.
But if I say it with a specific tonality, it's going to make you come out charming.
So you say it like this.
"You look adorable." Right?
So it's just like that where you use your pauses, you use your inflections.
So tonality is a big part of being charming and you want to use that when you flirt with a girl.
So remember, the charm formula, body language, tonality and flirting.
And you're going to want to remember this because women like men who are charming.
When you're charming, that is the type of characteristic that women want in a man.
A very confident, charming guy.
So remember that and use that for the next time you talk to a girl.
I'm Tripp from TrippAdvice.com coming to you from Paris, France.
Go ahead and subscribe to the channel because I'm putting out more videos every single week.
Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you on the next video.



想當個有魅力的人嗎?照著公式做就對了! (How To Be Charming (Part 1) - The Simple Formula For Charm)

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