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  • Topic: Heat.

  • Why is a laboratory thermometer not used to check body temperature?

  • You have got fever.

  • Why don't you check your body temperature using a thermometer?

  • No.

  • Please don't use a laboratory thermometer.

  • You won't be able to get the correct reading.

  • Why don't you try another one?

  • This is called a Clinical thermometer.

  • A clinical thermometer is different from a laboratory thermometer.

  • Seems like you have made your choice.

  • A clinical thermometer has a kink.

  • When we check our body temperature, the kink present in it prevents the mercury from falling back down.

  • Thus helping the thermometer to hold the temperature recorded by it and giving us an accurate reading.

  • Now, in a laboratory thermometer, this kink is absent.

  • This is because a laboratory thermometer is meant to measures immediate temperature.

  • Hence, after recording our body temperature, until we check it.

  • The mercury will fall, thus not giving us an accurate reading.

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為什麼不使用實驗室溫度計檢查體溫?| 為什麼不使用實驗室體溫計來檢測體溫? (Why is a laboratory thermometer not used to check body temperature? | #aumsum)

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