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If you're trying to decrease your total calorie intake,
AKA trying to lose body fat,
then eating more low-calorie foods,
such as certain fruits and vegetables,
is a fundamental way to achieve that goal.
So, in this video, I'm highlighting some foods
that you'll definitely wanna include
in your diet, your eating pattern,
because they're virtually zero calories.
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Number one: apples.
One medium-sized apple contains just over 50 calories.
Remember, the average woman
needs about 2,000 calories per day to maintain their weight.
Since your body has to burn energy to digest apples,
the net amount of calories provided by apples
is probably even less than that.
Number two: arugula and baby spinach.
A-roo-ga-la, air-roo-goo-la?
I don't know, I call it rocket.
This is the peppery green leafy type vegetable
and it's basically got zero calories.
Half a cup or a 10-gram serving, I think, is three calories.
Baby spinach is much the same as well.
Number three: beets.
Beets are root vegetables
that typically have a deep red or purple color.
They contain only 59 calories per cup or 136-gram serving
and 13% of your daily requirements for potassium,
which is great for those with high blood pressure.
Number four: carrots.
One medium carrot is only 25 calories
and contains 400% of your daily requirements for vitamin A.
So, I'm really surprised that people don't eat raw carrots
as an easy snack during the day.
I mean, they're inexpensive, they're portable,
they're really nutritious, they taste pretty good,
and they have hardly any calories.
Number five: Brussels sprouts.
Love or hate them, they're really nutritious
and really low in calories.
They resemble mini cabbages and can be eaten raw or cooked,
although I don't know anyone who would eat them raw.
They're really low in calories.
They have 38 calories per cup or 88 grams.
Number six: strawberries.
There are less than 50 calories
in one cup of strawberries or 150-gram serving.
If fresh strawberries are too expensive
or they're not available to you,
buy some frozen ones, take them home, put some in a bowl,
microwave them until they're nice and hot.
Get som Greek yogurt and add it to the bowl,
and now you have a delicious
and healthy hot and cold dessert.
You're welcome.
Number seven: cucumbers.
Since cucumbers are mostly water,
they're really low in calories.
In fact, one half-cup contains eight calories.
Just like raw carrots, these are the perfect snack.
Keeps your hands busy, keeps you chewing,
and basically you're eating water.
Look, there are loads more delicious foods
that are low in calories.
Basically, they're all fruits and vegetables.
So, just think about how you can incorporate
more fruits and vegetables into your daily eating pattern.
Thanks for watching.
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想吃就吃不用管熱量!7 種健康選項 (7 Foods That Contain Almost Zero Calories)

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