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(chill music)
(watch beeps)
- What's up, guys, it's Chris Heria, welcome to the blog.
I'm just getting a couple reps in
before I start my day, today I'm going to be taking you guys
around with me for the day,
I'm gonna show you every time I eat
and how many calories I ate as well as every time I'm active
and approximately how many calories I've burned
through the whole day and by the end of the day,
you guys will have seen how I eat
and what my lifestyle is like to develop
and maintain a physique and six pack abs and what
and when I eat really all depends on
what I'm gonna be doing for the day,
now of course there's a lot of combinations of nutrition
and workouts and a lot of people do it differently,
some people like to bulk up and then cut down,
I like to stay lean year round and mainly focus
on muscle strength and development
so today I'm gonna show you guys how I eat for the whole day
with the calories and what I do to burn those calories off
and I'll be showing you approximately
how many calories I burn off, all right,
so let's get started, every time I wake up in the morning,
I always like to come in here and do a couple reps,
whether it's pull-ups, push-ups, handstand push-ups,
muscle ups like I just did, whatever I have planned out
for the day, let me show you guys what we got for breakfast.
All right, you guys know me,
you know I normally don't eat this early in the morning,
I normally drink lots of water
so that's what I'll be doing today, all right,
so to supplement this water, these are normally some
of the things that I take every single morning,
Biotin, Collagen, Glucosamine and sometimes I take fish oil,
honestly I don't really take fish oil every single morning,
Glucosamine is a compound found within the cartilage
of your joints so when you're doing a lot
of calisthenics training, a lot of straight arm training,
a lot of exercises that require joint pressure
and puts a strain on your joints over years of training,
it's a powerful anti inflammatory
and it's also great for joint pain
if you're experiencing that, one of the main reasons
why I started taking it every day is because I used
to have a tight pinch right here by my elbow
and it's already going away so.
(chill music)
We're about to be poppin' pills, all right, collagen,
it's super good for you, it's great for your skin,
this is one of the main reasons why I take it,
it helps relieve joint pain
and it also helps maintain the integrity of your cartilage
which is the rubber like tissue that protects your joints.
(chill music)
This is the morning ritual, kinda sucks
but it's what you gotta do, all right, biotin is next.
That's gonna be breakfast for today, guys,
if you have any questions, go ahead
and leave it down in a comment below
or of course you can go ahead and google one of these.
Let's head to the thenics office.
(chill music)
(door opening)
Hop in.
(watch beeping)
All right, guys, so we just got to the thenics office
and so far we're at zero calories, a bunch of water,
took a bunch of supplements and with this morning's routine,
I probably burned something around 70 to 100 calories
so I'm getting the day started, it's reaching 10 AM
and today I'm gonna be filming a thenics video,
second video to how to get a six pack series,
so we start filming, we're gonna start burning some calories
and right before I film, I wanna show you guys what I got,
now I always have branch chain amino acids,
this is perfect for muscle recovery,
you guys can just start drinking this
if you're training super hard and also if you noticed,
I'm staying hydrated throughout the whole entire day,
I'm drinking lots and lots of water.
Especially if you're gonna be taking a lot of supplements,
you need to be making sure that you're drinking a lot
of water, making sure that your kidneys are healthy
so I'm gonna drink another 17 ounces of water,
another 17 ounces of water and I'm gonna put this
in one of them as long as you guys are taking VCAA,
it's great, all right, now remember, like I said,
every single day is gonna be a little bit different,
I'm showing you guys what I'm doing today,
there may be days where I'm eating a full breakfast by now,
although that's more rare, that's very highly uncommon
'cause I don't like eating breakfast in the morning,
my body has already gotten used to it
and it's more comfortable for me this way,
especially when I train and I do videos and I work
in the morning, I like to do that when I don't have anything
inside my stomach, I personally train harder
and it's more comfortable for me to perform
when I'm not full of food
so most days I normally don't eat anything
till about one to three o'clock, sometimes I do,
most times I don't and sometimes when I do,
I'll have something like a banana so today we'll go for that
so here's my first real calories for the day,
all right, I just googled how many calories are in a banana,
it says 88 calories per 100 grams
so there's my first calorie count for the day.
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I wanted this collection that I was coming out
with this time to actually have a real meaning
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two really important lessons that always stuck with me,
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not just practice that makes perfect
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whoever comments within the first 30 minutes
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we're gonna choose a winner and go on to chrisheria.com
and check out the other styles that we have
and the apparel we have coming soon, guys,
I'm gonna go ahead get ready
to get this thenics video started, one, two, three,
action, so with that said, thank you, guys, so much
for watching, train hard this week
and we'll be continuing next week the series
of how to get six pack abs, now love, peace out, whoo,
all right, guys, so that wraps up this thenics video,
I definitely burned a couple calories
on that routine right there, I'd say
for that one round right there, it was probably
around 200 calories, maybe a little more,
maybe a little less, something like that, what's up, guys,
it's getting closer to two o'clock
but I just finished shooting some photos for the app
and while I was taking those photos, I had
to do a couple reps so I would say I burned, I don't know,
around 30, 40 calories so I'm about to start my technique
of the day now,
I'm gonna be training some pretty advanced moves
and then after that, I'm gonna go pick up my son
around 2:45, it's two o'clock and I have 20 minutes left
until I gotta go pick up my son
so I'm gonna be training my technique for the day,
and we're doing some hand stand pushups, 90 degree pushups
and some one arm shrugs, now you can say
that one pull up generally burns about one calorie
and the faster you do it
or the slower you do it also will burn more calories
because you're putting more effort into that exercise,
it's gonna raise your heart rate
which is why it can differ exactly how many calories
that you're burning so keeping that in mind,
that's how I'll be calculating approximately
how many calories I'm burning with each exercise
so for the handstand pushups, I'm probably gonna do
at least 30 right now, I would say that that exercise is
at least one to two calories per rep, then I'll be going
into some 90 degree pushups, I'll probably be doing 10
to 15 of those,
now that move requires more time under tension
so I would say it burns at least two calories per rep
and the more I continue through my training,
I'm gonna get more fatigued, my heart rate is gonna go up
and I'm just gonna naturally be burning more calories
per repetition,
the last technique I'm gonna do is gonna be one arm shrugs,
I'll be doing at least 30 on each arm
so let's just say both arms is one calorie
so that's 30 calories burned there as well
and also keep in mind it may not sound like a lot
of calories, we're building muscles, skill, strength
and technique at the same time
as we're burning off these calories
so I'm gonna get into this routine,
first what I'm gonna do is handstand pushups,
go for 30 reps.
(chill music)
So guys, back at the house with my son right now
and we are working on homework
so we're gonna get homework finished
and then we're gonna eat some food, did I tell you
that my son was student of the month, what, guys,
congratulate him in the comment section down below,
he really deserved it, he's a really hard worker
and he trains in the middle of his school work
and trying to have fun and trying to be a kid, you know,
all right, so it's about 3:30, I'm gonna show you guys
what I'm gonna be eating for lunch, check this out,
I have a nine ounce chicken breast, I have some quinoa
and I have broccoli, now the chicken breast
inside this is gonna be for nine ounces about 400 calories,
about nine grams of fat and 78 grams of protein, zero carbs,
the quinoa is gonna have, it's gonna be about one cup,
it's gonna be a 220 calories, five grams of fat,
eight grams of protein and 39 grams of carbs
and for the broccoli it's also one cup,
it's gonna have 31 calories, zero grams of fat
and 2.5 grams of protein with six grams of carbs,
in total this meal right here is gonna be 672 calories,
14 grams of fat, 88.5 grams of protein and 45 grams
of carbs so I'm gonna get right into this meal right here
and I will see you guys in a second.
(watch beeping)
All right, guys, so I just dropped off my son,
it's about 7:30 and I'm back at the office,
now is normally the time I get my real workout on
and about this time I always got some homies with me,
what's up, Lewis, what's up, John,
they're gonna join me in my workout today,
stick around, guys, we're about to start the workout,
about to burn mad calories and after this,
I'm gonna get some food, I'm gonna show you guys
what I'm gonna eat for dinner and we're gonna go back
to the (muffled) so here's the workout for today,
we're gonna be doing some dead lifts and bent over (muffled)
back to back and we're gonna get into muscle ups,
pull ups wide shoulder closing.
(upbeat music)
Commando negatives.
(upbeat music)
Archer chin ups, Australian one arm pull up,
that's gonna be our whole routine right there,
we're gonna do that three times, this is definitely like
at least 800 calories on this routine,
this is a killer workout, it's gettin' late
so I'm gonna meet you guys back at my crib
and show you guys what I got cooked up for dinner,
all right, guys, we're back at my house,
it's about 10 o'clock and I'm about to get into dinner
so you guys have been following me around,
seeing how I burn my calories and I've been showing you
what I've been eating to accumulate those calories
so after beginning the day,
the first thing I ate was a banana,
that's gonna be about a 100 calories,
now lunch was about 670 calories,
that was the first main meal of the day,
now this second main meal of the day
which is gonna be dinner for me is about 630 calories,
let me break down for you guys what I'm having,
I'm having a cup of quinoa is gonna be 222 calories,
five grams of fat, eight grams of protein, 39 grams carbs,
then we have a six ounce salmon,
that's gonna be 354 calories, 22 grams of fat,
34 grams of protein and basically zero grams of carbs,
now we have sauteed spinach over here, this is about 2 cups,
this is gonna be 178 calories, gonna be 11 grams of fat,
11 grams of protein and about 15 grams of carbs,
now I also have asparagus on the side over here,
I'm gonna probably be eating one cup,
that's gonna be about 40 calories, zero grams of fat,
two grams of protein and three grams of carbs
and lastly, we have our vegetables over here,
a little bit of broccoli, carrots and peppers,
this mixed vegetables is about one cup,
it's gonna be 60 calories, zero grams of fat,
two grams of protein and 12 grams of carbs
so my dinner is totalling at 630 calories,
now after I'm done eating this,
I'm gonna have some Greek yogurt about two servings
of that, that's gonna be about 240 calories,
each serving is about 120
and I'm probably gonna have a protein shake after that
as well, that's gonna add us probably pretty much up
until 400 calories on top so in total,
I probably have eaten about 1800 calories today,
now remember this is just one day in my life
and every single day, believe it or not is very different,
it all depends on what type of day I'm having
and what I'm training and also what I did the day before
and what I plan on doing after, you see it's all formulated
and has structure to it so you have
to follow your active lifestyle and what actually works
for you and we'll be doing a lot more videos just like this,
showing you how many calories I eat in a day
and how many calories I burn and how I burn them
and speaking of that, today, we first started off burning
with my little routine in the morning, we burned
about 80 calories, after that I shot a thenics video,
we burned about 200 calories there
so there I did my photo shoot, burned about 40 calories
and trained some technique, burned about 120 calories there
and lastly did my workout routine at night
and that was about 800 calories
so that's gonna be 1280 calories burned today
and like I said about the nutrition,
every single day is completely different,
I may be burning more or less on another day
so out of the 1800 calories we ate today,
we had 132 grams of protein, 121 grams of carbs
and 61 grams of fat, there you have it,
a whole day with me, calories eaten and burned,
(muffled) the things I wanna show you that every day
for me really is different and there's many ways to do this
and I guess the takeaway from this video would be
as long as you live an active lifestyle,
you're gonna be burning off bits of calories
throughout the day
but those calories actually eventually add up
and a lot of times when you're trying to achieve some goals,
those last bits of calories that you're putting
in those extra times that you wouldn't otherwise,
those little efforts and those extra calories
that you're burning off is what's actually gonna take you
to the next level, simply put you have
to start doing the things that people won't do
and start getting the results that people don't get
so with that said I am starving, guys, I'm gonna go ahead
and start dinner, thank you, guys, so much for watching,
let me know what you want the next video to be about,
the next nutrition video to be about down
in the comment section below, don't forget to smash
that like button, share this video with a friend,
and subscribe if you haven't already,
I post every single Thursday, 2 PM, USA, Eastern Time
and if you come within the first 30 minutes,
you always have a chance to win some Heria apparel
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getting in the best shape of your life, sign up right now
to heriapro.com, download the Heria Pro app,
I post when I'm actually working out every single day
and my workout programs every single week
and they're always skilled from beginner, intermediate,
and advanced, anyway, thank you, guys,
so much for watching, I'm starving so I'm gonna go ahead
and get started on dinner
and I will see you guys next Thursday, mad love, peace out.
(chill music)
Smash that like button, guys.



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