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  • What is arthritis?

  • It is a chemical formed by mixing Hydrochloric acid and Sulfuric acid!!

  • Oh, dude!!

  • From where do you get such ideas??

  • To explain arthritis, we need to first understand what a joint is.

  • A joint is a place where two bones meet.

  • When there is inflammation, swelling or pain in one or more joints, then it is termed as arthritis.

  • The cause of arthritis depends upon the type of arthritis.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder.

  • In this disorder, our immune cells mistakenly start attacking the tissue surrounding a joint and thus, damage it.

  • This leads to inflammation, swelling and pain in the joint.

  • Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage that cushions the ends of bones in a joint gradually breaks down and wears away.

  • As a result, the bones begin to rub against each other, causing swelling and pain in that joint.

  • Why does our stomach growl?

  • Coz there are bears in our stomach!!

  • Naahhh!!

  • Growling sound is produced mostly due to movement of gas in the digestive tract, especially in the intestines.

  • Now gas can either enter or be produced in the intestines.

  • But how??

  • When we eat food very quickly, sometimes we swallow gas such as air along with food.

  • Besides this, bacteria in our intestines also produce gases.

  • Now during digestion, the muscles of our intestines contract in order to push food ahead.

  • However, gases also get pushed along with food.

  • Now, as our intestines are hollow tubes, such movement of gases produces growling sounds.

  • Besides this, hunger increases growling.

  • This is because when we are hungry, our digestive system starts preparing for the next meal.

  • Hence, it clears the remains of last meal, causing more muscle contraction, thus producing more growling sounds.

  • Why do we get angry when we are hungry?

  • Due to hunger, when people get grumpy and angry, then they are said to be hangry.

  • Hunger induced anger is believed to be caused due to various reasons.

  • Dude!!

  • Tell me fast!!

  • I'm feeling hungry!!

  • Alright!!

  • When we eat food, it is mostly converted to glucose.

  • This glucose is absorbed by blood and then transported to our cells, especially those present in our brain.

  • However, when glucose level drops, our brain perceives it as a life-threatening situation.

  • It gets stressed, thus making us impatient and irritated which eventually leads to anger.

  • In addition to this, when our energy levels are low, a brain chemical called Neuropeptide

  • Y is produced that makes us hungry and encourages us to eat.

  • But as the same chemical regulates aggression, its production makes us angry as well.

  • Thus making us hangry.

  • Topic: Motion sickness

  • Why do we get car sickness?

  • Because some cars are haunted!!

  • Naahhh!!

  • According to a prevailing theory, car sickness occurs because of mismatched or conflicting sensory signals.

  • In a moving car, our eyes see that the car seats are not moving.

  • Thus informing our brain that we are stationary.

  • However, the inner ear which detects motion.

  • Notices the turns and bumps in the road and tells our brain that we are moving.

  • Thus creating a sensory mismatch and making us carsick.

  • But why do we vomit?

  • During human evolution when there were no vehicles.

  • Only the intake of foods containing neurotoxins made our brain receive conflicting signals.

  • Now, the only way to remove these neurotoxins was to vomit.

  • Hence, in the present time, when our brain receives such mismatched signals.

  • It thinks that there is some neurotoxin in our stomach.

  • Thus, it induces vomiting.

  • Topic: Osmosis

  • How do fish drink water?

  • That's easy!!

  • Using a straw!!

  • No!!

  • Fish take in water usually through their mouth or gills, depending on whether they live in freshwater or saltwater.

  • Freshwater fish takes in water mainly through its gills.

  • But Why?

  • Because it has less water and more salt concentration in its blood than the surrounding water.

  • Hence, due to osmosis, water from the surrounding flows through the gills into its bloodstream.

  • However, as the fish is continuously taking in water, it urinates a lot and removes excess water.

  • Saltwater fish takes in water through its mouth.

  • Oh really!!

  • This is because its blood has more water and less salt concentration than the saltwater around it.

  • Hence, to maintain the balance.

  • The fish gulps saltwater through its mouth filters the water for its use and expels excess salt while urinating..

It's AumSum Time


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