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  • How do nails grow?

  • A nail consists of many different parts.

  • The visible part of the nail is called nail plate.

  • Nail plate lies on the nail bed.

  • Can I sleep on that bed?

  • Just listen.

  • Matrix is the area where nail growth originates.

  • It lies below the skin.

  • Matrix has specialized cells which keep dividing and creating nail cells.

  • The nail cells grow and produce a hard protein called keratin.

  • Then, these keratin filled cells are pushed forward as more new cells are formed behind them.

  • Eventually, the keratin filled cells die and flatten to form the nail plate.

  • The hard keratin in these dead cells gives strength to the nail and makes it hard.

  • But what is the use of these nails?

  • Nails protect our finger tips.

  • Moreover, by observing the condition of our nails, doctors can get clues about our overall health.

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指甲如何生長?| 我的指甲是怎麼長出來的? (How do nails grow? | #aumsum)

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