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  • What causes heart attacks?

  • High electricity bills.

  • No.

  • A heart attack or myocardial infarction is the complete blockage of blood flow to a part of the heart.

  • Causing its muscle cells to die.

  • So sad.

  • A network of blood vessels called coronary arteries.

  • Continuously supply oxygenated blood to muscle cells of heart to keep them working properly.

  • However, due to bad lifestyle choices and stress.

  • Cholesterol and fats start building in these arteries reducing blood flow to the muscle cells.

  • This buildup is called plaque.

  • Plaque is the main culprit behind most heart attacks.

  • So, shall we put plaque in jail?

  • Just listen.

  • When plaque ruptures, a blood clot forms around it causing the artery to get completely blocked.

  • The blood then cannot pass further to that part of the heart.

  • Thus, due to lack of oxygen, the muscle cells in that part die.

  • This condition is called a heart attack.

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