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  • The Mechanics

  • Uncle Dye

  • Aye, it's Philty nigga

  • Aha, look, suckers speaking out

  • They be seeking clout

  • A lot of nerd shit I been peeping out

  • I gotta keep it real even though they faking

  • Crabs in the bucket don't want you

  • To make it

  • I lost more money than you ever had

  • You was spoonfed, I never had a dad

  • They rather see me on my back

  • Than on my feet

  • I make sure every nigga round me can eat

  • Thirty thousand I loan a ring from Aviani

  • I really come from nothing

  • Please don't remind me

  • Stuff in the backwood with 3.5

  • Google my nett worth 3.5

  • Next to the Lam' truck when

  • The sticker drop

  • Sipping hot take-out

  • This exotic pop

  • Still be kinda mean with my eyes closed

  • Still good in the kitchen

  • Cook up nanos

  • East Oakland legend

  • Pray to the Reverend

  • That her son don't see hell

  • Make it to heaven

  • A lot of 50 pointers in his diamond chain

  • You hold a grill of 50 thousand

  • We are not the same

  • Mike and Mary jeans with the Gucci sweater

  • Christian Louboutins do Tyler better

  • Used to tear down Niemann's, Barney's

  • Saks, 5th

  • Now we at Bal Harbor, The Gallery & 5th

  • Just copped the new glock for a new op

  • Knock a nigga out his Gucci tube socks

  • Just left the Bahamas with a bitch from Houston

  • Everything paid for, that mean it's all inclusive

  • I'm the nigga that your big homie

  • Look up to, the nigga that the niggas

  • In the trap, cook up to

  • I come up under my old man and Jody bro

  • Ain't a hood in Oakland that I can't go

  • Niggas from my hood die from

  • Niggas from my hood

  • The nigga that shot me

  • He was from my hood

  • It don't concern seminary

  • It don't concern me

  • Loyal to the wrong niggas

  • Until they burn me

  • I got the same jeweller that Floyd got

  • That nigga just a undercover toy cop

  • I live up the street from E40

  • I'm still in the street so I keep a .40

  • I try to put the Wraith up for Smithy bail

  • You rather see a nigga sitting in a city cell

  • Rest in peace Seagram and free the Gov

  • Until I put that nigga on he ain't have a bus

  • Letting baby Jason get behind the wheel

  • Teach him how to drive before

  • Another nigga will

  • Rest in peace Boosko, cop a buss down

  • You was rocking plain jane

  • I had to buss down

  • It's Philty

The Mechanics


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B2 中高級 美國腔

Philthy Rich - 東奧克蘭傳奇 (官方視頻) (Philthy Rich - East Oakland Legend (Official Video))

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