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It seems to be a lot of confusion right now as far as Disney who's going on a
buying rampage of purchasing Fox and Marvel and other things like that and
the Pokemon company many people are wondering if Pokemon is actually owned
by Disney and besides that being a rumor to some point it's actually true
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last year Disney purchased Fox and what that means is that they're going to have
the rights to air pretty much everything that was under Fox the seventeen point
three billion dollar deal includes everything as far as x-men Fantastic
Four TV shows movies alien planet of the apes diehard home alone Independence Day
netted the museum American Horror Story It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia The
Simpsons the shield x-files mash Buffy the Vampire Slayer the list goes on and
on as far as all the things that it owns the fact there's a meme going around as
far as Bart Simpson making fun of Mickey Mouse and the fact that Disney now owns
that joke is just a little funny
however on Disney XD they now have the rights to show all of Pokemon by show
all the Pokemon I mean exclusively the Pokemon and animated series the Pokemon
animated series was under Fox it's weird because when I was growing up I watched
it on WB 11 I'm sure someone bought them and someone bought them etc that's how
that's how companies work boys and girls but even if you go to Disney now go calm
you can actually watch any episode of Pokemon and pretty much I believe this
is all the movies most of the movies oh no there's only eight movies here okay
you could actually go in there and watch any season of any Pokemon episode
through your cable provider so if you have optimum Comcast Roadrunner etc you
can go on there log in and watch Pokemon animated
episodes for free yeah that's what I just said
oh it's weird watching Pokemon on the Disney website now keep in mind they
have the rights to show the anime that does not mean that Disney owns Pokemon
that's a big confusion here especially with Pokemon typically having a younger
fanbase and not necessarily thirty year olds like myself who enjoy Pokemon
although we're a large majority of them not a majority we're a large stake in it
this does not mean that they have the rights to the Pokemon themselves those
are all official trademarks of the Pokemon company they also don't have the
rights to the trading card game the video games anything else like that well
it's funny though is this has been an idea that's been talked about for a very
long time major publications love to talk about a giant glomer it like Disney
purchasing a company like Nintendo or characters like Pokemon since they do
fit very well into the young the young child idea audience viewer base the
viewer base let's go with that while it may be just to fill up their lineup on
Disney XD it's also worth noting that they are going to be launching their own
streaming service Disney that is and they're going to be able to have it so
you can pretty much watch anything that they have the rights to which is this
huge Fox library the Disney library the Marvel Library and in addition to that
the Pokemon library I was actually thinking about signing up for the
service just because well I am eventually gonna have kids but more
important than that I'm gonna be able to watch Iron Man 2 or any of the Marvel
movies whenever I want since I don't own DVDs anymore it
happened all my DVDs now if you're a fan of the Pokemon anime and you've been
keeping up with it and it's recent times it's important to note that they own the
rights to distribution and they're not going to be having any creative input as
far as what's going on for the show in the future so if you think that you're
gonna see Mickey Mouse in an episode of Pokemon that's never going to happen
well Disney could eventually buy Nintendo or Pokemon company in the
future and then yes we could see that but for the time being
that is not the case whatsoever you're not going to see any Disney related
characters or anyone from the Marvel Universe or anyone from Fox or The
Simpsons appearing in Disney just so that's very clear that's not going to be
the case you don't need to worry about that because that would just be weird so
guys that's gonna be wrapping up this little saying that just talking about
the current politics of what's going on with Pokemon and everything else like
that since it is a trending search in Google right now I'm not too sure why I
figured I would come in here and I'm letting you guys heard the story since I
am a little familiar with it if you have any questions leave them down below if
you learn something new do me a favor leave a thumbs up on the video if you're
new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until next time
Austin John out


迪士尼要買保可夢嗎 (Is Pokemon Bought by Disney?)

473 分類 收藏
Li-chieh Young 發佈於 2019 年 4 月 11 日
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