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  • Alright, so, everybody wants to be a rapper nowadays.


  • But one thing that a lot of people don't know is how the rapper became the most popular part of the hip hop culture.


  • In the early days of hip hop culture, the focus was the DJ.

    在早期的嘻哈文化中,DJ 才是焦點。(註:DJ 為 disc jockey 縮寫。)

  • And to introduce the DJ, the MC was the sidekick, or the rapper.

    MC(或稱說唱者)則是介紹 DJ 出場的助手。

  • But in the early days, they just called him an MC, master of ceremony.

    但早期時僅稱他做 MC,也就是司儀。

  • And so they would come out and hype the crowd up to prepare for the man or woman of the hour.

    而 MC 則會先登台炒熱氣氛,準備迎接即將登場表演的主角。

  • So when the MC would come out, the goal would be to get the crowd engaged, so the MC found creative ways to put the words together that would prepare the crowd for the DJ.

    MC 上場時為了吸引觀眾參與,會把介紹文字用創意的方式拼湊、組合,培養好觀眾迎接 DJ 出場的情緒。

  • Through that evolution, MCs started to battle each other in the way that they would introduce the DJ.

    後來演變成 MC 之間開始較量彼此介紹 DJ 出場的方式。

  • And to a point that the portion of time that the MC had on stage began to get larger and larger until nowthey were doing long verses or long sets.

    到某個階段,MC 在台上的時間開始變得越來越長,直到今日,他們會演出更長的曲目段落或是表演。

  • And producers began to try to figure out, "How do I get this experience, this jam, this party on a record?"


  • And you just couldn't capture the whole record, so they focused on the time that the MC was on there, because there was a communication that was happening.

    由於無法將整場表演都錄下來,所以他們把重點放在 MC 出場的時候,因為當時有互相與交流。

  • So, in the early 70s, a group by the name of The Sugar Hill Gang⏤a group of MCsmade a record called "Rapper's Delight".

    於是在 70 年代初期,一個名叫 The Sugar Hill Gang 的饒舌團體就誕生並製作了 Rapper's Delight 這張專輯。

  • And "Rapper's Delight" was the one of the first times the commerce was introduced in hip hop.

    Rapper's Delight 是饒舌歌手這個角色在嘻哈文化嶄露頭角的先驅之一。

  • And that is how the rapper began to be the focal point of hip hop.


Alright, so, everybody wants to be a rapper nowadays.


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