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  • Hey there!


  • Welcome to Life Noggin.

    歡迎來到 Life Noggin。

  • Oh!


  • How now brown cow!


  • How you doin'?


  • I'm sure we all remember as kids being told to drink our milk so we can grow up big and strong.


  • I think Triangle Bob took that advice a little too seriously!

    我覺得 Triangle Bob 對這件事看得太過認真!

  • So if it's so good for us, why not just drink a ton of milk a day?


  • Or why not only drink milk?


  • Well, besides the fact that around 65% of the world's population have a problem digesting lactose found in milk, it turns out that drinking large quantities of milk a day can be really, really bad for you.

    除去世界上有 65% 的人口對於牛奶中含有的乳糖不耐症外,其實一天攝取過量的牛奶會造成身體負擔。

  • Large amounts of calcium can cause numerous health issues.


  • It can wreak havoc on your kidneys, resulting in kidney stones forming from calcium deposits or milk-alkali syndrome from an acid imbalance resulting in loss of kidney function.


  • The American Cancer Society also puts calcium consumption on the list of risk factors for prostate cancer.


  • In addition, a study by researchers at Vanderbilt University found that high levels of calcium inhibit the absorption of magnesium, leading to an increased risk for colorectal cancer.


  • Milk also has a high fat and cholesterol content, which can cause heart disease.


  • And overall, drinking large amounts of milk a day may lead to a higher mortality rate.


  • In a 2014 study of more than 61,000 Swedish women and over 45,000 Swedish men, researchers found that women who drank three or more glasses of milk a day had a 44% increased risk of cancer mortality, compared to those who drank less than one glass a day.

    2014 年研究針對瑞典人口中超過 6 萬 1 千名女性以及 4 萬 5 千名男性為調查對象,研究指出每天飲用三杯以上牛奶的女性比起每天喝不到一杯的女性,死於癌症的比例高出 44 %。

  • And for each glass of milk drank, mortality risk from heart disease rose 15%.

    每天攝取一杯牛奶的女性,則死於心臟病的機率提高 15%。

  • Men were less affected, having an overall mortality risk of just 10% for those who drank three or more glasses per day compared to those who drank less than one.

    牛奶對於男性的影響則較小,相較於每天喝不到一杯牛奶的男性,每天喝三杯牛奶以上的男性死亡率僅提高 10%。

  • But there are people, mainly body builders, who have tried to only drink milk.


  • In fact, some even attempt to drink an entire gallon of milk a day!


  • You know, for the #gains.


  • Triangle Bob knows what I'm talking about

    Triangle Bob 絕對知道我的意思。

  • Work it Triangle Bob, there you go!

    加油,你行的,Triangle Bob!沒錯,就是這樣!

  • In contrast to water, milk contains between 100 to 150 calories per cup, depending on the fat content.

    相較於飲用水,每杯牛奶含有 100 至 150 卡路里,根據每瓶脂肪的含量而不同,

  • And more calories equals more weight gain.


  • However, while most who tried this were happy with their added bulk, they noted that drinking only milk made them less hungry for other important foods with essential nutrients like fiber, folic acid, and iron which are not found in milk.


  • These help lower cholesterol, manage blood sugar, and transport oxygen to your cells and tissues.


  • So, unless you are or are advised by a registered dietician, stick to the recommended dietary guidelines set by the professionals.


  • Limit your intake, stay away completely, but just don't go overboard.


  • So, is there any other drink that you want us to talk about?


  • Let us know in the comment section below, we're taking suggestions for future videos.


  • Curious to know what would happen if you ate the spiciest pepper in the world?


  • Check out this video:


  • As always my name is Blocko!

    我叫做 Blocko!

  • This has been Life Noggin!

    來自《Life Noggin》!

  • Don't forget to keep on (thinking).


Hey there!


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如果你只喝牛奶呢? (What If You Only Drank Milk?)

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